Exposing myself

A couple posts have got me to post my own stuff. I'll start with one to see what you think.

I lived on the 3rd floor of a 5 floor bldg, across a wide street (200+') from a 3 floor apt bldg. It was May, first warm weather, and I noticed 3 college girls come out on the roof to get some sun. This got me thinking, so I moved my bed at 45° to the window and put stuff under the mattress to lift it a few inches, put my videocam on the sill with a towel to hide it, and connected the video out to my tv (so i could watch them) and my pc video capture app. Then I opened the window and screen wide, turned on the lights really bright to counter the bright sun, got naked, grabbed a towel, and waited out of sight.

It took a while but when two girls left the third started looking at what was going on in the intersection, so I walked in naked with the towel, back and forth until she noticed and looked at me, with a surprised look that she shouldn't be looking but couldn't help it (I know that feeling, as I'm also a peeping tom).

I moved around a bit, and she tried to be inconspicuous, then I walked out and got a dvd, came back in and acted like I put it in to play, grabbed the remote, laid on the bed and acted like I was watching a p*** vid, wanking away for like 10 minutes. She had a grossed out look on but was very interested, so when I finally came I made a big deal of it. Then I laid there for a bit touching myself and finally got up, grabbed the towel an walked out of her sight. I kept watching her for a few minutes until she figured it was over and left.

Hope you liked this. I have more if interested.
- jayj

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  • Good job. It only happened once?

  • LOL

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