I love my ex so much. I can't stop

I love my ex so much. I can't stop thinking about him, but he has moved on. What can I do!

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  • Do the same.

  • Get a d****!

  • when you see him give him a hand job while telling him how you feel about him

  • better? wat can possibly be better than that ex who knoes and understands you.. someone who loves you already for who you are... i say fight for him, get him bak before its too late, kay**

  • your obviously young. something better allways comes allong. life is soooo long. and love is good to feel. not everyone can do that.but you should have someone who will return the favor. alter your feelings into a friendship love mentality.then find some other person to be attracted to even a moviestar. when the next one comes you will forget about the last one and maybe if you feel that way again it will be for someone who appriciates it enoug to return the favor by letting you in and feeling the same in retern.

  • if you really like him that much sit back and wait. if it's meant to be time will let it happen. but don't interfere in the relationship that he is in now!!!!!

  • get with me you will love it.

  • give him a bj

  • m*********.

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