Giving a young girl a ride

On the way home from work one night I had worked late I was all most home win I seen a van broke down along the road . I stopped to see if I could help there was a woman around 30 and her daughter probley 10 I talked to the mom for a while and and found out we lived next door I asked her if she needed any help she told me she had a tow truck coming but it would be a couple hours she asked me if I could take her girl home so she could get to bed she had school in the morning . So I did on the way the girl asked me if I knew what s** way . I told her yes and ask her how she knows about it . She told me she had been watching p*** and really wonts to try it . Not knowing what to say I said ok. we got to her house she kissed me and ask me if I would help her . I was h**** from thinking about it the hole ride so I sed yes . She smiled and sed her and her mother lives there alone so we can do it in her bed . So I went with her to her room she striped Infront of me . She was sexy for not being done growing. I striped and follow her in bed I lays Nex to her and start playing with her I got her off 4 time before giving her the d*** I f***** her until I was about to c** she had gotten off 3 more times it had taken some time to get all the way in she was so tight and it was her first but she loves it hard. I pulled out before finishing I asked if she wanted to try doggy style she asked what that was so I told her her and she said yes . I had her get in position . Win I realised she was so short all I could reach was her ass hole so i had her get on a pillow . I got my d*** in and give her h*** . In the middle of her 4 time coming in this position I couldn't talk it any more and I filled her with my nut and she loved it . I help her get her pajamas on and kisses her night and I went home as I was going in my house I seen her mom getting tow home . That weekend there was a nock at my door I open the door to see the girl stand there in some sexy under ware that was clear to big for her probably her mother and she had on a robe over it but the front was open so i could see the under ware she told me her mother had left for work and would be gone for 4 days so I invited he in we spent all 4 day watching p*** and have s** . Sunday we woke up together and I took her out for breakfast and stopped at the store and got her some sexy pants that fit her thin took her back to my house to break them in . After the 4 days was up she went home and now I can stop thinking about her

Jan 6, 2020

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  • Don't believe a word but I would love to make love with a 10 year old girl. So hot!

  • Yes yes yes! love to share her with you

  • Total crap but love the idea of very young p****

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