My Partners are always said

No matter what I do, no matter how I try. I can never make my wife happy. I give her all she desires and deserves.

When making love her pleasure always comes first. Her family and friends I always put first.

But today I realized she has always been sad in her life. She is like the clown who has a painted on smile, but also painted on tears.

I wish I could help her, but I believe soon the darkness will over take her.

I love her but there is nothing I can do.


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  • Temple of God is within. And if we don't go within we go without....suggest she says f*** the worldly ways for a moment and find what she enjoys in herself. Sit down somewhere random if she says she doesn't want anything....because she will desire something eventually . weather it's leaving that spot. Or getting hungry. Slowly will realize oh s*** I do want _____ rather than feeling art?

  • Wrong, sit her down and talk to her . find out what the f is going on. tell her how you feel and make her get professional help

  • It's so draining trying to make your partner happy

  • Yes.

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