Sluty sister

I just walked in on my 18 year old sister right my dad d*** she looked like she was living it win she seen me she smiled at me with a Evel smile . I won't to my room about 15 minutes later she walked by my room . She turns around and walked in my room she was in her underwear . She was so sexy. She stopped in front of me thin she asked if I liked what I seen . I cried out yes . She turns around and bint over Infront of me showing her sexy ass. She looked back at me and blue me a kiss . Thin she slapped her on ass . I was so h**** I was really to c** in my pants. She spun around and climbed on top of she slid her body up mine pulling her bra down . And she shuck her b**** in my face . And I started socking it . She smiled and move down and kissed me . Thin I could feel her hand on my d*** . She whispered in my ear . Don't was the seed . She kissed me again tung in my mouth thin she whispered in my ear she would help me plant thim tonight at bed time . She kissed me again . Thin she got up and started walking towards the door she stopped bint over and slapped her ass thin turns slid her underwear down showing me her p**** she had a sexy landing strip shaved on . She turns and as she walked out the door she said love u little bro ride u to night . She smiled and walked back to dad's room a couple minutes later I could hear getting f***** again. I walked down the hall and peek in they was doing doggy . He was f***** her hard and she being really loud for me as soon she noticed me she started putting on a show for me . After about 10 minutes .she asked Dad to stop she got up open the door and dragged me in the room . she ripped off my Shirt .she dragged me on to the bed she got on all 4 next to me laying on my back she took my hand and put it on her c*** she told me to rub . Thin put my Uther had on her b**** . Thin she slide her tung in my mouth and her had on my d*** . Thin I felt her p**** plue tight as dad started f****** again . It didn't take long until she tensed up on me I could fill her squrt and she filled my mouth with drool which I kind of like . On her 4 c** dad f****** change and I knew he was coming after he finished he got up and left us laying there . As he left I could see he was not waring a condun. I rubbed until she squrt again . She removed her tung from my mouth .she said he's fixed . Thin said we need a shower as we showered she would let me play with he all I wanted but she wouldn't let me put my d*** in she keeps telling me to plant my seeds tonight


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  • Just because your sister is into family s** doesn't make her sluty.

  • F*** you suck at grammar. "Uther?" OTHER, IT'S "OTHER"!

  • I love family s**!!

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