Caught mom

When i was a kid mom would send me and my brother to bed at 9
Dad works nights.
One night i was thirsty and was quite sneaking to kitchen because mom didn’t let us get up at night
I saw mom with a guy in the couch her back to me naked riding up and down on him.
I never said anything
The next night i was 12 so I wanted to see I snuck down mom was alone laying on couch
I watched her for a bit and went Back to bed.
Every night. Would listen for someone to come in.
The next week i hear the door i wait and sneak down it was same guy and they were making out.
I wait and they end up f****** on couch again.
About once a week this went on . Then it went a couple weeks.
Then one night mom was all nervous and sent us to bed 15 min early.
Mom would of been 32 at time.
I hear door close
And i wait after about 20 min i go down and mom was on her knees giving this guy a bj ,
I know him it our neighbors son who still lives at home he was 20. .
Mom had a shirt on only and ge pulled it up some i saw that is all she gad on.
They f*** and i could here mom and him moaning and stuff .
Two weeks kater my brother was asleep and i must of dozed off but i heard something I sneak down and mom had this guy probably her age
She was bent over end table and ge was slamming into her hard that’s what woke me up
The slapping.
Idk how many men mom messed around with
But it was alot
I never told anyone

Jan 8, 2020

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  • My mother was an ultra religious, conservative, wholesome homemaker so I was STUNNED to find my father's p*** collection had NAUGHTY photos and 10mmre

  • Oops. Anyway, among my late dad's effects were a lot of p*** of my saintly long late mother.

  • Good for her!

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