My mom

My mom was a sexy woman petite cute
Short brown hair was always a loving mom
She was single.
When i was in highschool i got a trail camera for xmas .
I set it up an set it on my dresser and forgot about it.
A few weeks later I noticed i had left it on
And check the pictures nany was just ne going and coming
Also mom putting clothes away and such
Then i saw one with mom in her underwear in my room ?
She was opening my curtains two or 3 times she adjusted them so the were open only an inch.. I found myself checking her out in pics.
After i got through pics i lay on bed and look at window . Why was she trying to get curtains to stay open only an inch?
So i look out there is a bucket under window
I go out and see her tracks outside my window several of them. So i set up camera to see what she is doing.
Found out she spying on me.
She was watching ne every night
I suppose to make sure I’m not doing drugs idk.
So I don’t say anything.
That night knowing she’s watching me i try to act normal
I find myself trying to figure out how to get ger to stop so i think I will embarrass her by undressing. I strip down baked and pose in mirror and stuff. I lie on bed naked and watch tv.
That should do it , mom was always shy type.
The next day when she was at wirk I looked at trail cam
Mom didn’t leave i look at tine i was naked
She kept watching and had put her hand in her sweats.
I am in shock .
My peeping at me?
That night I setting on my bed knowing mom is watching again i get excited i take my clothes of like before but then I can’t help it thinking of mom i get hard. I get on bed and j*******
It was exciting.
The next day i look at pics and mom is got her hands down her shorts again
I set camera on video and the next day i see her
She was masturbating like I thought.
I did this all through High School
She don’t know i knew ever.

Jan 8, 2020

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  • So why didn't you f*** her?

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