My girlfriends Ex problem

Her ex boyfriend told her she has 6 mouths to leave me.
Her ex is so manipulating what he want to marry her, yet shouts at her in arguments, gets mad that I'm talking to her, yet he suggests a poly relationship, he just want everything his way.
He left her 2 years ago and comes back like nothing happened, as my girlfriend has told him I'm in a relationship (with me).
Yet he just ignores her what she is in a relationship.
My girlfriend is already getting confused.
Her ex thinks this is all a game of who wins her... f*** that way of thinking and his manipulative ways to control her, she a human being and some toy to Dom over.
I really hate this a******, for how he treats my girlfriend and coming in my relationship hopping for a second chance with her and pushing me aside from her, as she suffers from all the bad memories she had with him 2 years ago.

Jan 10, 2020

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  • Agree with the bottom note. She should change her phone number, block him on all social media and just don't talk to him. This is potentially a dangerous situation because we don't know what he's capable of if he doesn't win. She's talking to him so he thinks there's hope. This guy is not taking the hint. She needs to stop all communications with him. And if he keeps harassing her, maybe she can consider getting a restraining order. Not sure how totally you are invested in this relationship but there's a chance she's not completely over him. Not saying you breaking up with her means the other guy wins. Just saying it may be for your own personal safety.

  • Simple tell your girlfriend to stop talking to her ex. If she continues means she still lives him. She can change her number call the cops get rid of him. No other excuses

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