A day noe of us will ever forget.

My wife never really ever gets too wild in bed anymore but used to, Once in a while she may even leave the lights on but not very often so I was blown away when I got home from work and was greeted by my loving wife with a drink and her in lingerie, I was like "What's this all about?", She said "Well, It's not every day you turn 40", It was my 40th but I had told her no party, No big todo or whatever and she had agreed.
Our kids were small so it really didn't matter to them so my wife had sent them to her parents and was going to give me a "Night to remember", She did a little dance for me as I sat in a chair then she started taking off her lingerie and being all seductive, She reached behind me and had hidden her...Battery powered substitute under a cloth on the counter behind me, She pulled it out and sucked it as she straddled my lap. She was putting on quite a show and turned around bending over the table, She slid it in from behind and looked back telling me to take over, I did for a couple minutes and then she stepped back, Straddled a chair and was facing away from me, Set the d**** on the chair and was riding it.
She is still pretty tight so she slowly slid up and down and her p**** would push it back out each time keeping it on the chair, She told me to stand in front of the chair and she started giving me head. Things were going great and I was getting close when all of a sudden her sister, her husband and two of my wife's friends and their husband came bursting around the corner saying "SURPRIIII...Oh f***". My wife freaked and went to run, tripped over the chair and fell on the floor, Her d**** went skidding across the floor, My wife was sprawled out spread eagle on the floor, Bald p**** and big floppy t*** all on display as she moaned in pain, I tried not to come as I pulled my pants up. My wife got up but not before being bent over right in front of them standing by the stairs and pretty much face level with her p****, She ran for the bedroom, I picked up her didlo and her sister said "Oh god...We're gonna just..." as I stood there with a very obvious h****** and everyone else went back to the garage the way they had come in since the front door was locked and her sister said "Oh my god, I am sooo sorry, F*** I am so sorry" and they left.
My wife cried for about an hour and didn't answer the phone for about three days but it is possibly the funniest story I have ever heard and it is all mine.BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Jan 13, 2020

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