I want to share my wife with other men

After a night on the town and a lot of drinks, my wife and I ended up in an adult entertainment establishment. I’d hate to describe the place as a multiplex, but they do have three full-blown (no pun intended) theaters showing XXX movies. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I could make out the other visitors and realized that we were not only the only couple, but that my wife was also the only woman in the theater. She seemed to notice as well and she didn’t seem to be concerned or even the least bit uncomfortable. I noticed that several guys were openly masturbating to the movie, some were given each other hand or blow-jobs, but most were just watching the movie. After a little more time passed, I noticed that a lot of eyes had left the screen and were now focused on my wife. Once again, she noticed, but didn’t seem to mind. She and I finally started making out and fooling around. I was rubbing her b****** through her sweater and we were rubbing each other’s crotch through our pants. I eventually dropped my pants to below just below my buttocks so that she had better access to my hardon. After several more minutes of her arousing my c*** with her hand, and getting my precum freely flowing, she lowered her head to my lap and started blowing me with her hot mouth. I don’t know if she noticed the small group of spectators that had formed around us, but once I did, several of them dropped their pants and started slowly beating their c****. I motioned for one to move closer, got my wife to take notice of his large d*** and she then went back to rubbing my c*** with her hand, pulled back his foreskin and after a minute or so, she actually took the head of his c*** in her mouth. I nearly came on her hand, but somehow managed to pull my pants back up, so that I could pay attention to what was going on around us. Her action caught me totally off guard and although I was a little shocked, my heart was racing and I was telling my self to enjoy what was happening and to be glad that my fantasy was finally coming true. Then, for no apparent reason, she stopped what she was doing and stormed out of the theater. We had taken the train from our small town to the city, and once we left the theater, it was all I could to keep up with her as she headed for the train station. She wouldn’t say a word to me on the train, and once we got home she cried and told me the she was ashamed of herself for being such a s***. I was finally able to calm her nerves, but since that evening, she refuses to talk about what happened.

I really want her to open her legs and lips for other men, but I don’t know if that dream will ever become a reality

Jan 14, 2020

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  • The same more or less happend to us. We know enjoy sharing her with other guys and girls.

  • Did she know that was a fantasy of yours?

    Do you know why she thinks that makes her a s***?

  • I'm willing to help

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