I saw my colleague on the toilet

A few years back while working in a shop in Guildford I fancied a colleague Sarah. Sarah was mousy blonde , about 5ft tall , pretty and the homely sort.
I often wondered what colour her pubes were.
One day the mens toilets flooded and were not useable.
I told Sarah that we would all have to use the ladies 🚺 toilets.
Sarah replied
" Ok , just make sure I'm.not in there ."
I made sure Sarah WAS in there !
I pushed the main door to the toilets open then immediately the cubicle door.
Sarah , sitting on the toilet immediately gasped and put her right hand over her f**** in an attempt to hide it from view.
She covered v***** slot but her tiny hand could not cover her pubes so I saw her bush either side of her hand.
" Get out! " Sarah shouted.
" Sorry Sarah " I said and left.
I'd seen enough though , I now knew that Sarah's c*** was hairy, a mid brown colour with a ginger tinge.
Her pubic hairs were neatly trimmed into a neat triangle of curly hairs with a border of white skin surrounding her pubic hairs out to the edge of her knickers.
I wanked many times in the coming days having seen Sarah's normally unseen hairy f**** and felt privileged to know what colour her pubes were.
The rest of that day Sarah hardly spoke but I got an erection every time I saw her.

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