i think female heterosexuality is nothing but stockholm syndrome and all women who choose to be heterosexuals are masochistic retards

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  • I think now that LGB+++++ people have successfully shoved their life choices down everyone else's throats, they can just accept that they will be treated like the mainstream they wanted to be part of so badly. That means OP's a bigot who's either punching down or punching across and therefore causing drama where there wasn't any previously.

  • *facepalm*

  • Ordem

  • thread killer

  • You love who you love, so if a woman and a man love each other it is not "retarded." However, I think that women AND men who get seriously involved with anyone they do not love is a bad decision.

  • I think all women are bisexual naturally. I agree the institution of marriage basically takes that nature hostage but heterosex is pleasurable so I don't think masochistic in the painful sense is necessarily so. Retarded, definitely not, since it is one way to have children. The kidnapped part of the theory: Well, there are cultures where kidnapping your spouse is a way of life.

  • I agree

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