Does anyone like the commentator who refers to people as; snowflakes, Tranny's and retards? If you don't, please feel free to express your dislike or like of this person.

Thank you

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  • Tranny!

  • ^wood sucker^

  • ^sexually fluid he she lol

  • Sausage sucker

  • Yikes!

  • The "R"& "T"word are inappropriately used for so many people... Maybe if you were one of them you would think before writing about them. Think, before you speak. Do you want to "end" the human race?

  • The OP didn't appear to glamourise and stigmatise these words.

    They were referring to a commentator, that often uses these particular words.

  • You are the op lol

  • Nope lol

  • Yep lol

  • "r*****!!!^

  • Compact rubber hose spaying the starling not funny but kenny. If you could be fate desire chance all at once again I can be a river and recycle your mermaid you ken. What I mean not meany once again underwear in the mall with mushroom behinds and sleeping in can be the way to noel and not ken again.

  • ^superretard!!!!!^

  • I think all of those commenters are precious!

  • Commentators who are biased and judgemental against those that have intellectual mental disabilities; are previous to you?! Are you for real?

  • ^megaretard!!!!!!!^

  • Yeh, I hate my mother too when she goes on like that. and she has autism jello tantrums.

  • I really dislike that snowflake, and you should know that, you trannyretardmotherfucker.

  • You're that commentator!!

  • Me? No, that's just retarded, you snowflake tranny!

  • ^woody sucker^

  • ^we can be sure this sexually fluid he she sucks more woody than anyone here !

  • Salami sausage sucker

  • ^f***********^

  • Woody sucker

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