I’m 16 (f) and I m*lested my 8 year old sister

Honestly I don’t regret it. And she liked it. She kept begging me to keep touching her and she was so wet. I ate her out too, it was pretty fun.



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  • You should teach her how fun it is to return the favor too

  • If you honestly do incest or young of any kind and can prove it and not lying about it . we Can share. Add my Snapchat. Towboat 04 say incest wen u add me.

  • Yes, I did f*** my 8 yo sis when I was 17. we were playing doctors in the outhouse of our home. I had been fingering her for sometime while she played with my c***. I used one finer and within a couple of weeks I could insert two fingers into her p**** using Vaseline. Strange as it seemed to me, the p**** was so stretchable. So, one day I laid her on her back, sat between her widespread legs and pushed the tip of my rock hard c*** in. It was difficult at the beginning but it was her idea to use Vaseline in her entrance - this worked miracle, I could shove in half of my c*** into her tight warm hole. But could not put in all the length of my c*** - she got pain! This went on and off for nearly two years. By her 12 yrs of age, we f***** like adults and her b**** were developing fast. Looking back we don't have any regret or remorse, rather now we are both married take chance top f*** whenever we meet.

  • I was babysitting my cous, got her a bit tipsy and she had no problems letting me get her little knickers off, like you I had been doing stuff since she was 2 so she was use to fingers, asked her if she wanted me to show her something nicer, she just moaned ok and nodded her head, spread her legs and starting licking her lovely soft, bald kid p**** and she loved it, pulled my d*** out and rubbed on her c*** she said OMG what are you doing I said "it's ok it will feel good just trust me" and slipped it in her, once the sharp pain finished she starting enjoying it and loved me c****** in her

  • 8 yr old c*** is soooooooo nice, had my cousins

  • Add my snap Funsfs.
    I’d like talk about what made you think of that

  • Tell the full story

  • You got snap 😂

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