Guess this serves me right

My GF and me are both 19. Been dating exclusively
(we committed) since high school. Then during the Christmas holidays, I slipped up. I started flirting with one of her older sisters (27) and we wound up hooking up big time. I had already been fantasizing about her HARD and when she let me know she knew how I felt about her (she said I was always looking at her and getting immediate erections), I went for it. She said not to worry that she's married, so I didn't. Problem: she gave me herpes. She claims her husband gave it to her from his own cheating, so she went out and got some side s** of her own. Me. She claims that She didn't know She had it until I got it. She told me don't worry passing it to her sister: as long as I take the medicine they give me and don't do Melisse when I am broke out, Melisse won't never know nothing. I guess I got what I deserve for doing Adrianna in the first place. But Godamn her pusy is the best in world history!!!!! and there is just noway to quit that nasty b****, or ever pull out of that back doorof hers!!!!! Too nasty!!! But what I don't get is why her husband would ever even THINK about cheating on her. I wanted to dump Melisse and keep myself only for Adrianna, but Adrianna said no, if I quit ducking Melisse that would give us away and Melisse would k ow from they way I look at Adrianna. It's a gigantic f****** mess. And so is mydick.

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  • It's a life sentence. Odds are you being so young you guys won't be a couple forever. Finding another female that will have s** with you from here on out is going to be more challenging.

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