Game turned real

Cousin and i was in my room bored and desided to mess with my 20 year old brother head both put bikinis on and went downstairs to the living room where he was to make him feel uneasy having to 14 year old girls like that around him told about some things we done with lads cousin asked if he wanted to play a game pick a piece of paper and what is on it u have to do he done it a few times then he picked one out that said out of us 2 who would you f*** that's when it got dirty cousin got on her hands and knees as he was kneeling behind her i still thought it was a joke turned around on me when she let out f****** h*** and bite her fist then seen his hips moving he's actually f****** her slapping sounds as he's doing her at one point she looked like she was going to pass out i couldn't ask him so showed him by putting my hand between my legs when he seen that he knew asked if i wanted it to I better take her place I'm letting out screams each thrust he knocked the air out of me didn't think he was going to stop c****** f***** us both so hard it hurt,are mom asked me why i was walking funny told her i slipped on the bike and it hit me between my legs is it that wrong to want him again it's not hurting anyone.

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  • No ask him he will

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