I'm in love with you. I fell in love with you the very moment I laid eyes on you. When you first came to work with us, I immediately noticed how different you were from everyone else. You were extremely attractive and still so humble. I noticed how gentle and kind you were to everyone around you. That is rare in this community. We are all so guarded. You had the courage to express your heart and nurture those around you. I'll admit, I had a hard time believing anyone could be as good-natured as you are. I wanted to see for myself if it was real. You were so focused on your job that you didn't even notice me. I had to get your attention somehow and when I did I'm really happy you decided to give me a chance. We made eye contact. I could tell you felt the connection, too. You were even more interesting than I thought. Very sweet yet mysterious. I couldn't figure you out. I still can't honestly. So when you finally agreed to hang out I was shocked. I kept my cool. I know I probably came off as a d***. I was nervous. You were still kind. In fact, you had this ability to bring light to every situation. Even when I was stressed out and acting irritated because of it, you took me out of that. The more time we spent together, the more fascinating you became in my eyes. You didn't like talking about yourself. You preferred to discuss other subjects and whenever anyone was brought up, you always spoke well of them. You even talked about doing favors for them. Whenever I talked about my life, you were comforting and supportive, even though I was being short because I didn't want to ruin the moment. Somehow you knew what I was feeling and you knew what to say. And you really knew how to listen to me. I felt good around you. One thing led to another. Maybe you feel differently about me now. I just want you to know that that was the greatest day of my life. I know things got complicated and we stopped talking for a while. I'm sorry. I'm thankful that you are as kind and forgiving as you are because here we are talking again, but I can tell you've changed. You're closed off. I know it's my fault. I'm sorry. I hope you will give me a second chance to make things right so we can finally be together. Talking isn't enough. I want to be around you. I miss your voice, your laugh, your inquisitive stare. I miss your touch. I miss your presence. I miss your warmth. I miss you. I never expected to meet anyone that could have such an impact on my life. You did. Please give me a chance to show you what you mean to me. I love you.

Jan 22, 2020

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  • Liz, I still love you. Sorry, we did not have the chance to have s** in our good times!!

  • She's f****** i n g ME buddy.
    So move along.
    We both laughed when speaking of you, and your cringey obvious obsession with her!
    She thinks you have bad hygiene and she is creeped out by you.

  • Respect her, give her the distance she needs, and learn from what happened. Time can be a great healer. Give her time. Also be open to other possibilities because you have learned some truths in this experience that might make you an even better man for another woman. Be open to the future, not what you did in the past.

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