The pool guy

I never intended to share this but doing so is exciting. I'm thirty-four years old, married to a physician for nine years and we have two beautiful children. I have everything I want and cheating never was something I thought about.

My husband took the girls to visit his parents for the weekend and I stayed home. There was an issue with our swimming pool pump and the repair man was scheduled to come on Friday afternoon.

Being alone, I watched a romantic movie on cable and it was explicit and steamy. The male actor was a hunk, muscular and a take-charge kind of man. When it ended, I was feeling sensuous but since my husband was gone, it would have to pass.

The pool repair guy rang the bell.i opened the door to the most muscular attractive man and there was an electrical current between us as we stared at each other for a few seconds.

He was tall with a chiseled face like a movie star. He wore a tshirt that clung and displayed a muscular body and his jeans fit like they were painted on him.

I led him through the house and I could feel his eyes scorching my backside as we walked. I opened the back door and pointed at the pool equipment.

He looked directly into my eyes and said, “I probably shouldn't say this, but you are the most beautiful, sexy woman I've ever seen. “

I just started and didn't know how to respond. His eyes seemed to be looking into me and I felt something unexpected inside.

Then he said, “Why don't you come out and keep me company while I fix the pool?”

I knew I should have shut the door and stopped it but I stepped outside. His eyes were watching me hungrily as he worked. We talked a little but there was a tension so strong l knew I should go back in the house but it was like the stimulation I'd felt watching the movie had exploded and I was enjoying the hungry wolf way he stared. Somehow I let it slip that my husband and daughters were gone for the weekend.

It didn't take long for him to fix the problem and he asked if he could come inside to write the invoice. As I led him back to the house, I was feeling more sensuous than I could remember feeling and I knew his eyes were glued to my backside.

In the kitchen, he laid his clipboard on the counter and wrote the bill but his eyes were shining and watching me.

When he finished writing, he handed me the bill. I reached for it and he took my wrist and said, “You are the most captivating woman I have ever seen.”

He pulled me to him and his eyes stared straight into mine. I knew I should stop it right there but he leaned down and I raised my face and he kissed me. Those words are not adequate, his lips touched mine and I went wild inside.

His kiss was incredible, soft and gentle and possessive. He held my face in his hands and looked deep into me and said, “you are a goddesses. “

His hands were running over my back and I felt pliable and sexy and I melted into him.

Before I knew it, he had my blouse unbuttoned and he looked at me with those intense eyes and I let him.

He released my bra and watched it slip away and I felt my nipples hard and pointed and he said they were luscious.

His lips were on a nipple and the sensation shot through me like a scorch of fire.

I wasn't even aware that he was leading me toward a spare bedroom. He sat on the bed and said, “your beauty is almost more than a man can bare,”

I knew he was undoing my slacks but I was in a fog of desire and was shivering with the thrill. He slid them down and I was not fully conscious as I stepped out of them. His hands on my hips felt like fire. He slid them down and I felt my panties go down with them.

His eyes were scorching me as they roved and he said he had never seen a woman as captivating and that my figure was perfect.

He moved us around so he stood and kissed me again and I was mesmerized. I felt the bed behind my calves and I was being slowly lowered onto my back as his mouth was in possession of mine. His manly hard body was pressing me everywhere and I felt my b****** flatten and his strength opening my thighs.

His kiss was long and delicious. When he stopped kissing, he stared at me and said that he had never known anyone as intoxicating as me in this moment.

His lips found a nipple and I screamed with incredible pleasure. I don't think I had ever screamed that way before.

My the nerves in my nipples felt raw and exposed and his kiss was like fuel on hot coals. His jeans were crushing on me and the obvious bulge ignited a craving that consumed me.

He kissed his way down and when his kiss met my desire, I erupted and screamed again like a craven wild woman.

His kiss on my mouth was unbelievable but his kisses now made me tremble and bounce and feel like a prized posession, and I wanted, with my entire being to be possessed.

I exploded with o****** and my throbbing desire was other worldly.

He stood and his stare was like a hot wind blowing over me. He was muttering about how lovely and desirable he found me and that I was beyond anything he could imagine.

He stripped the tshirt and his body was stunning. Hi arm bulged, his shoulders were wide, his chest was ripped with muscular strength and the mat of dark hair was beautiful.

His eyes roved over me as he undid his jeans and his waist was trim and gorgeous and when he pushed his boxers down. I was staring at the most magnificent p****. It was thick and long and the head was nearly purple with desire. The veins stood out on the shaft and looked like a rock solid muscle rising from the nest of dark hair.

He moved onto me and I had no other thought in the world other than how much I wanted him inside me. When he started in, the feeling was so hot and intense that I was gasping. He opened and stretched me and the feeling of being completely filled, completely possessed, completely satisfied overwhelmed me.

He was slow and gentle and deliberate and I felt myself clinging to him like my inside was hugging, grasping his p****.

I came again and again and he kept me on the edge, begging with all of my being, wanting more and begging silently for him not to come and end it. I wanted more than anything to endure his thickness to fill me forever.

He lasted an unbelievable time and when I felt him start to tremble and knew he was going to come, I wrapped my legs tight and my hands held and squeezed him to me and when he came, I felt the fluid like lava flowing into my depth.

We were limp, sprawled and tangled in complete exhausted ecstacy and fulfillment.

When he finally stirred, I knew I was not about to let him go yet. He went to the bathroom and I could hear the force of his pee crashing in the toilet.

He came back and looked at me that way again and I reached for him. I grabbed his hips and pulled. I was staring at his half hard p**** and I surprised myself by taking it into my mouth.

I could taste myself and the male flavor and I sucked and my tongue slid over his fabulous p****.

He was hard again in no time and I took him completely and made love to his p**** like a craven w****.

He pulled out and was turning me and moving me around and I ended up on the bed with my legs apart and my rump in the air and my face on the bed and he stood behind me and gently worked his p**** back into me.

Somehow this felt even more powerful and erotic and his strong hands took my hips and lifted and moved me around so that he touched places that I didn't know existed. If anything, the sensation was even more fabulous than before. He possessed me and swung my hips in circles and ground his p**** wherever he wanted and I was screaming and coming and crying out and begging him to do it.

His stamina was amazing and I was in a complete haze of pleasure and wanted him to have me like that forever. He erupted again and I felt the same hot flowing of his man-fluid sear in me.

When he was dressed and ready to go, he offered to tear his repair bill up, but I didn't want him to.

When I wrote that check to pay the bill, I could feel the delicious stirring in my depth. I love my husband and kids and never imagined that I would let another man have me.

This happened months ago and I can't get it out of my mind. The memory still makes me quiver inside. Now I'm in a quandary. My husband is taking the kids camping in two weeks on a father daughter thing.

I'm trying to tell myself that I shouldn't call for another pool repair. I know that I shouldn't in my mind, but my female being is begging me to.

Jan 22, 2020

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  • That was so hot 🥵 I had to m********* to it. 🍆💦💦💦💦👅

  • That was hot. reminds me of this girl i almost had s** with. that's exactly how i would be in bed.

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