Older woman

When I was 25 now 36, in the bar I work, I was sitting having a few drinks with the wife of a customer, her in her mid 50s. She was fair petit and reasonably attractive, when she put her hand on my lap, I thought nothing of it and carried on the conversation. This followed with her patting my leg and slowly rubbing it. After a little longer she became more adventurous and moved up until her thumb was lightly stroking where my b**** were ander my trousers. Again ignoring what was going on, not to draw attention, she continued until it was more than a thumb, she asked if I'd like a drink, which I responded a yes too, as she slid off her seat and her jacket on. I asked where she was going and she responded mine, for that drink. Her husband was away.
So she said leave in a few minutes, and as a good boy I did, and met her waiting down the lane from the bar.
Within seconds she was all over me, tongue in mouth and her hands wandering, noticing the fruits of her labour, a very hard d*** in my pants, she led me to her house, and we barely made it into the house before clothes wer le all over the floor, until she noticed her daughter was in. I was dragged to the bedroom, where I was stripped and my word!! What a firework in bed, and she was very open to suggestion....

If interested how it went feel free to ask.

Jan 24, 2020

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