Wife's past

When I met Lisa, we talked for a while, got to know each other and went out. We f***** on the first date, went to where everyone parked to watch the planes by the airport. a few dates later she was kind of upset and that she had something to tell me and hoped that I would still want to date her.. it went like this: She told me that she lost her virginity at 10. Lisa said that her parents were gone a lot doing their thing and her and her brother were left to care for themselves. the brother always had friends over, being five years older they found dad's p*** videos and watched them while she observed from a distance away. towards the end, she went to the one she thought was cute and led him upstairs to her bedroom. once there, she "asked him to do to her what was happening to the girl in the movie" at first he really didn't want to, but she begged and finally he said okay and f***** the s*** out of her. she said she loved it. being 15, he told just about everyone what happened and it became known if you wanted a piece of ass that Lisa would give it to you! It was a smaller town, so several boys knew when the truck was gone and nobody was really home to stop by and get some. A few of them actually said they "cared" about her but all they wanted was a quick f***. Lisa said that she got pregnant at 12, her best friends mom knew somebody in a nearby town and arranged an abortion. She talked about how she was addicted to sucking d*** and how her knees were always imprinted with the pattern in the car floormats. I later found a journal of guys in high school that she f*****, once she turned 18, she no longer feared getting pregnant again and let guys come in her all they wanted to. On prom day, she was screwed 4 times earlier that day and twice afterward. she kept detailed notes, I still have that and I confess that it really turns me on to see in her writing how a certain guy "maded love" to her. I have seen pictures of her at those ages and she always did look a little older, being taller than most girls her age and a slight bit chubby with doorknob size t***, I could just imagine her really sexy feet in the air while some lucky teen was pounding the h*** out of her s*****. obviously it didn't matter, we moved in together shortly afterward and eventually got married.


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  • My wife is very much like yours . We f***** on the first date , she would not tell me her number for the longest time due to her being scared of me getting turned off . The funny thing is her past is on of my biggest turnons . She had been passed around as a treat at a biker rally, f***** many times at a local p*** theater, f***** just about every guy she knew , ect . Honestly I love it and encourage her to do more, which she has on occasion

  • My fiancée was promiscuous in her teens and early twenties, (she confided in me after we were together for a while). She didn't sleep around but had a lot of boyfriends and felt s** was part of the relationship. I'm accepting it and plan to marry her.

  • CUCKS should be killed. And yes am serious. You should get help. If that doesn't work ... Only one solution ..

  • You are bizarre. What is your problem? Live and lit live, a******!

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