Growing moobs

I am a morbidly obese man. I have always been heavy, but I have purposely been gaining as much weight as possible because I love the way it feels. One of my favorite parts of being so massively fat is how huge my moobs are getting. They are starting to look like actual b****** and I absolutely love it! I have become a bit obsessed with them and want to try wearing a bra. It won't be long before my belly apron hangs low enough to cover my crotch and then you won't be able to even tell if I'm a man or woman anymore. I am becoming a genderless blob of flesh and it turns me on so much!



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  • Not my thing. I starve my gf. She's the opposite of you. Totally flat chested. Even though she is in her late 40's she's got the chest of a 10yo.

  • You are an 11 year old virgin with mental issues. Grown men do not have "girlfriends" in their late 40s unless there is something badly wrong with them.

  • Well, I'm a dude so I guess it's cool that I have bigger ones than your wife. Are you skinny too? I like my girl to be fat like me.

  • You're fuckong disgusting.

  • Why? Is it because I'm a man who wants female looking b****** or because I'm so morbidly obese I can't even tie my shoes without getting out of breath and needing to rest?

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