Growing moobs

I am a morbidly obese man. I have always been heavy, but I have purposely been gaining as much weight as possible because I love the way it feels. One of my favorite parts of being so massively fat is how huge my moobs are getting. They are starting to look like actual b****** and I absolutely love it! I have become a bit obsessed with them and want to try wearing a bra. It won't be long before my belly apron hangs low enough to cover my crotch and then you won't be able to even tell if I'm a man or woman anymore. I am becoming a genderless blob of flesh and it turns me on so much!

Jan 25, 2020

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  • Those t*** get any fatter?

  • Just wait until you are over 500 pounds like me. My moobs are huge. The bounce when I walk like a woman's t***.

  • I hope I can get as fat as you one day. My moobs are handfuls now, but I want truly massive bitchtits! Any tips for growing?

  • A lot of it has to do with genetics and how and where your body stores fat. I guess I'm lucky or unlucky depending on your pov as I store a lot of fat in my upper body. All I can tell you is eat as much as you can and stretch the limits of your stomach at each meal. If your moobs are destined to be big then they will grow.

  • My gut is growing much faster than my t*** but they are getting a bit bigger. I'm hoping to gain enough that it forces them to get huge along with the rest of me. Are you still gaining?

  • I hit a plataue for a while at around 530lbs. My weight stayed pretty stable for around 3 years but this past 3 months or so I've gained about 25lbs. It's probably because I've been seeing a girl off and on who loves to eat and is a pretty sizeable fatty herself. Most of the recent weight gain seems to be going to my butt and thighs as my pants are getting really snug. My moobs are still massive though.

  • How big are you going to go?

  • Well, I don't really know. The sky is the limit I suppose but at the same time I don't want to be immobile. 6 to 700lbs is about the breaking point for most obese people. After that, your health becomes pretty dicey. It's a tough decision.

  • I want your life. I'm around 400 and want so much to be so much bigger.

  • Just eat and don't stop.

  • Jealous of both of you. I'm stuck around 330 and can't seem to add any more weight.

  • Eat as many fat producing carbs and sugar as you can. Eat lots of fast food, drink Coke by the liter, and eat ice cream by the gallon. You'll gain weight. But remember that you have to keep it up. Constantly challenge yourself to eat more and more.

  • Don't get any bigger. You will regret it if you haven't already. That kind of obesity is dangerous and you will die soon.

  • I want to fondle your man b****.

  • How fat are you now and are you still happy being such a fatty.

  • Same thing here. My chest is jutting forward faster than my belly can keep up. Every once in a while a door I’m opening will brush against my bloated chest and I’ll be reminded just how fat I’m getting. Gotten any fatter yourself?

  • Do you have anyone appreciating those fat moobs? How big are they now?

  • How fat are those man hooters now, tubby? Still happy with your blobby form? Have anyone to help appreciate your inflated body? What do they like about it?

    Asking because I’m kind of going through the same thing ;)

  • What kind of bra did you pick out?

  • I ordered a size 50b from lane bryant but had to get a few extenders to make it fit. It really accentuates my t*** though. I love wearing it. I've also gained another 30 pounds since I originally posted so I'm really overflowing it now. I look absolutely huge and very feminine with all this soft rolling flab. I also bought thongs to show off my huge cellulite covered ass. Lol. I'm a big fat mess and I love it!

  • Hey to each his own. Have anyone to enjoy those rolls of yours?

  • Any updates?

  • Not my thing. I starve my gf. She's the opposite of you. Totally flat chested. Even though she is in her late 40's she's got the chest of a 10yo.

  • You are an 11 year old virgin with mental issues. Grown men do not have "girlfriends" in their late 40s unless there is something badly wrong with them.

  • Well, I'm a dude so I guess it's cool that I have bigger ones than your wife. Are you skinny too? I like my girl to be fat like me.

  • You're fuckong disgusting.

  • Why? Is it because I'm a man who wants female looking b****** or because I'm so morbidly obese I can't even tie my shoes without getting out of breath and needing to rest?

  • Both. Fat sloppy pigs are gross.

  • Fat and sloppy is my dream body. I am covering myself in huge, thick, hanging rolls of flab and deep wobbling cellulite. I am a sweaty waddling blimp and I love it. I force thousands of calories into my fat bloated pig face every day just to keep gaining and growing my body, making it softer, weaker, heavier, and fatter. Is that gross to you?

  • Very much so.

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