My mom

Hi i am 35 and never told a soul about this not even my wife.
About 25 years ago i was getting ready for bed just got out of shower and mom was there. I got dried off and head to my bedroom in my underwear like always. My little brother and sister was already in bed i get to stay up later because im oldest.
So mom tells me i can stay up a alittle longer and watch tv.
I am setting in living room watching something I don’t remember and mom comes in room with her t shirt on. Standing with back to me she stretched her arms up exposing her butt some. She didn’t have panties on. I paid some attention never saw my moms butt before. But never looked at her sexually ever.
Don’t get me wrong mom is pretty woman.
Shes short slim round butt with smaller t***.long brown hair halfway down her back. But as a son never looked at mom that way. Curiosity more than anything kept me watching mom as she raised her arms. She turned around and goes oops! Sorry was you look at moms butt?
I turn beet red. I could feel the heat in my face.
She smiled and said boys will be boys.
She pulled her shirt off and was naked. I was nervous and somewhat interested because I never saw a naked girl before. She came over and said here get a good look if you want to peek at your mommy.
Then she stood me up and pulled my underwear off saying what a bad boy i was.
She leaned down not saying anything and sucked me . I got hard and she basically forced me on my back on the floor and straddling me but me inside her and sat down.
After about a minute she was breathing hard and sat all her weight on me. I could feel wet and felt like she had peed on me.
She let out grunts and moaning and then was done.
I went to bed never thought about it until next time.
She did it to me several different times that summer.
I never told anyone. Mom had a breakdown that year fir depression they say and never did it again. I don’t even know if she knows she did it.


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  • She knows what happened and to be honest you probably helped her through a difficult time. S** is healthy, not only the body but for your mind as well. You need to let your mom know that it was ok what happened between you two and make sure she doesn't feel guilty about s** with you. After a incestous encounter it's very important to reassure each other because of uncertainty caused by societie's views on family s**. Hopefully once you and your mom have spoken about it, you two can get back to having a healthy s** life.

  • Nothing like a mother's love.

  • Exactly

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