Girlfriend daughter

So my gfs daughter is 11 and I’ve been in her life for 4-5 years now... and she is BEAUTIFUL AND THE MOST SEXIEST GIRL I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!! Often in the beginning I never thought nothing as she got older and I helped her bath and things, things started getting interesting I could help but be attracted to her.. I would wait for her to fall asleep and her mother leave for work and I would sneak in and hope she would be dead asleep and I would look at her.... sometimes she wouldn’t be wearing underwear and I would touch and caress her little soft p**** .!!! Omg amazing lick her nipples whatever I could without her waking up... well anyhow as yrs went in now she is 5 ft tall and beautiful omg I get hard just looking at her little fat butt but now her mom don’t work and I can’t get her to sleep soon as I touch her she wakes up ..... I have to have her I can’t take it just to suck her t*** again and taste her p**** and even if I can just get half my d*** in her I have to..... but I don’t kno how to get her to sleep threw it without her waking up but still being safe without drugs or something dangerous... idk what to do I just want her to sleep while I take her all of her tasting every inch, I try to think her mom is her when we f*** and luckily her moms p**** look the same and is right but it’s not her..... can anybody help me and don’t judge me please


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  • Hey if anybody wanna talk to me about ur confessions I would be glad to listen im studying to become a therapist and I would want to talk to y’all I won’t judge you at all if your interested here’s my social media’s Instagram-Luciferspussii Snapchat-drippy_laiddown just remind me where u came from because it might forget.

  • This is fact. I dated a priests daughter for 3years.she never let me f*** her and she had to be home by 1030. Turns out a young black stud who lived in the apartment opposite her sleepy with her and f***** her every nite. When I confronted her she just laughed, said black c*** was best and tgatall white girls had black c*** on the side.

  • Statistics show that90% of all attractuive white girls gratefully lose their virginity to black males at the age of 14. don't ruin it for her, It is a rite af passage for girls like this to seek out black c*** for a proper coupling and to receive with reverence the sacred sacrament of insemination.White bois can only hope to serve as footslaves and hope to be allowed to c** on the feet of these revolution girls.

  • What is with the whole black thing?? My sister lost her virginity to me at 13. It lovely for us both.

  • Because black c*** is superior

  • Your a very lucky man all those years ago, I envy you.

  • Add 2 sleeping pills into her drink/milk half an hour before putting her to bed. For the rest of the night she is yours (but don't f*** her right away). Explore and enjoy every inch of her body and wankkkk!!

  • Hand in her knickers getting a nice feel, then off they come and it is p ussy licking time

  • Have you?

  • The woman i am going with was divorced two years ago and has a gorgeous 12 year old daughter! The girl is in puberty now and bedwetting because of it.My girlfriend has her daughter wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.Some times when the gf has to work 2nd shift,i have to get the girl ready for bed and put her diapers and plastic pants on her! She then puts her nightgown on and stays up for a little while and watches tv.She acts very provactively and lets me see her diapers and plastic pants!

  • Too young!!

  • No such thing

  • Get her a drink of something stronge

  • Hey FBI man. Why you on here reading about others confessing for. Is it because really, you wish it was you... Track him down. You couldnt trsck an elephant through 20 feet of snow. Go j******* u closet pedo...

  • He can't he has no d ick

  • If she wants to have s** I see no problem but force/rape is wrong, just enjoy the feel of that lovely yungpusey

  • You f****** pedo, I work with the FBI (NYC Bureau) and I’m making sure to track you down

  • Calm down , this man only confess his desire for this girl , he didn't rape or harm the girl

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