My boyfriend (of five mouths) and I tried to have s**, his d*** wouldn’t go in all the way, and my cherry never actually popped. A few minutes after he got off of me, I started crying because I felt really dirty with myself. I don’t know why, I technically didn’t lose my virginity to him. But the next day, he asked me if I still felt dirty and I said I didn’t, but I lied to him. Now whenever he puts a hand on me, it takes everything I have from pushing it away.

I still love him but because of the feeling this made me had… I don’t think it’ll go away anytime soon. I don’t want to break up with him because of it, but it’s hard to be close to him or anyone when all I want to do is sulk in my room.

May 5, 2012

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  • I think its just one of those things that just may need time you may not just be ready to act sexually with him try building up the relationship more and after some time consider how you feel and go from there

  • Sorry to rain on your parade sweet heart, but if his p**** was in you (all the way or not) and you hymen broke as a result of this, you lost your virginity to him. It doesn't matter if none of you climaxed or he didn't make it all the way in, but the fact remains, your hymen was broken during penetration. Also, a man penetrating a woman's v***** with his p**** is defined as intercourse. P**** in v***** + Intercourse = not a virgin.

  • your bf's got five mouths? wow!

  • Months.. My bad

  • Hate to tell you this...but your "cherry" doesn't "pop".
    My hymen broke when I was riding a horse at around 11 years old. I wouldn't worry much about a piece of membrane. Sounds like your issue is with who you are with.


  • hahaha! u broke ur hymen riding a horse? LOL! u sure u didn't get f***** by it??

  • i doubt cc was f***** by a horse you how ever may have been but cc is way too classy a lady for that to happen :) i heart you cc you rock :D (also even if she was who the f*** are you to judge)

  • its all ok ur get over it

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