Don’t abuse her, just use her.

I left my cheating wife for a gal that would do anything I wanted her to, but I found out she was doing anything for another guy too. Then I met a gal that said she was crazy about me. She was like an angel and I was so happy, until I caught her.
By accident I saw her car at a friend’s house so I stopped. Knowing I was as welcome there as she was, at least I thought so, I just walked in. It’s funny how you can tell something is up just by how quiet it is. I walked through the house and looked in every room, thinking they’d be there, until the only room left was his bedroom.
It still makes my throat dry and I can hardly swallow. My heart beats hard and my hands shake.
I stepped to the open door and saw her first, and knew what was happening when I saw her face down on the mattress with her arms out. I saw her head shake each time he thrust her from behind. I know I was hearing her moans and grunts before but my ears seemed to have a loud ringing noise. It seemed to shock me when I realized she was making those sounds and I could hear the slapping of his body against her raised rear end.
I must have made a sound unintentionally, because I intended to back away and leave. I wanted to get home and throw all her stuff out onto the yard.
But she came running, naked, and stopped me at the front door before I got it open.
She was yelling before she got there but this is what I heard her say when she grabbed onto me, “It’s not what you think.”
No kidding. That’s what she said.
I thought, what else could it possibly be. What the h*** could look like a woman getting f***** like a dog, other than a woman getting f***** like a dog.
So I stand there looking at her, but she has nothing else to say. She just stares at me. Like she’s expecting me to apologize. I had to keep peeling her hands off me as I got away. She stood in the open door naked and yelling, “it doesn’t mean anything. We weren’t doing anything. It was nothing. Don’t be upset”.
I called the cops on the way home and said I needed them to keep her from trying to hurt me while I removed her things. I wasn’t worried about her hurting me, I didn’t want her in the house where I might hurt her.
They were great. They wouldn’t let her in my house and they let me place her things out by the curb. They had to restrain her when she tried to get into the house. I enjoyed seeing her squirm as they held her and I wish they would have arrested her.
She’s begged me to take her back for months now but I will not and I’ve had no contact with the man that used to be my friend.
Now I just use women and do not want them for permanent partners. I seldom date but only when they pay for it, otherwise I just let them come over, use them, and send them home. It turns out, the worse you treat a woman, the more she tries to please you. Even the married ones.
Here’s another thing I noticed every woman has to say when I’m doing her, and I’m sure it’s the same for all men. “I’ve never done this before.” Or, “I’d never do this for him but I enjoy it with you.”
Or if I suggest we do something really wild, they’ll say, “I can’t imagine ever doing that...but if you want me to I will.”

Jan 25, 2020

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  • My first wife and I had what I thought was an awesome marriage, swinging, swapping, orgies, endless s**. She violated our rule of f****** somebody else without telling the other, as a matter of fact it was her lover who told me. We split peacefully and she moved in with his money, and for over twenty years has been his c**-dump. He has invited me over to f*** her when he's out of town and she tells me of her no-love marriage, complete with everything she ever wanted. I have my present wife's permission to f*** my ex, and she has even joined me a few times, mainly because she likes to watch her suffer when I abusively f*** her ass. Everytime I f*** her, I leave as soon as I'm done with her, and she always welcomes me back with open legs.

    My second wife and I split because she was getting too wild for me and the last I heard she was working in a mining camp getting endless c***.

    My present wife is awesome. We f*** whenever I want it, or whenever she wants it, which is more often than me. She loves c*** and I often invite friends over to gang-bang her. Anything goes with her, she has never said no to anything I've wanted to do to her, which has made it a lot easier for me to agree to anything she requests.

    But your arrangement sounds excellent also. And you're right about those prudes, it's amazing what those perfect ladies will do when their getting c*** somewhere other than home.

  • I feel your pain and share your view

  • Perfidy they name is "woman".

  • Rejection and frustration, thy name is "incel".

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