I stole a pair of her dirty underwear

Early this week i was working at a ladies home and she was so attractive. she was wearing black leggings that showed off her hot little ass. i could see her panty line through them which was driving me crazy. then she said that she was leaving for work. i would be in her home all alone.
as soon as she was gone i headed to her bedroom and looked in her panty drawer. she has a nice collection of thongs and stockings. then i see the laundry basket. it didnt take long before i found a tiny black thong. i took a sniff and it smelled fantastic! i pulled out my thick c*** and masturbated into her thong and e********* all over it then put it back in the basket. i then dug deeper and found a blue thong which i shoved in my pocket so i could enjoy it at home. im a sick b****** but i cant help myself. just love some sexy panties to j*** off into

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  • As soon as you said you took out your thick Vick I knew it was fiction. Nice try.

  • Hey Einstein you never know who has camera's running in there homes

  • What if i was the guy installing the cameras? ever think of that? after seeing this lady in a pair of leggings i could not help myself. she is so f****** sexy! i was just thinking about her a few min ago and now i feel like masturbating. wish i had another pair of her underwear to wrap around my shaft and explode into

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