So weird

So my little sister married my ex, Just my ex boyfriend but still super weird, My sister is 3 years younger than me and he is 2 years older but she was 22 when they met so whatever. I just know him and I know what he is into so it is so weird knowing that we broke up because I wasn't into what he was and then a month later him and my sister hook up and 6 months later they are married so I assume she does the stuff he wants.
Just a quick rundown.
1) He always wanted a three way with one of my friends.
2) One time was not enough with one of his friends.
3) Nope, you can lick it but your d*** is not going in that hole.
3) No, You can not video tape me masturbating and post it online.
4) No, your friends cannot watch the videos I do allow.
5) No, I will not give your friends b******* on their birthdays.
6) A finger in the bum is ok, A surprise d**** is not.
7) Getting me drunk and letting your room mate f*** me is not ok.
8) No, Just no, I will not go down on my best friend and let you watch.
9) No, I will not be the "Party favor" at your best friends stag.
10) No I will NEVER try to hook up with your sister and tell you about it.
11) Came on my face while I was asleep and showed his friends the video.
12) Taking pictures and videos of doing stuff to me while sleep.
13) Showing people said pictures and videos.
14) No, I'm not going to drive down the highway naked.
15) No, I will not suck off a stranger when on vacation.
16) No, We cannot have a 3 way with the housekeeping staff on vacation.
17) No I don't want to watch videos of you and your ex's.
18) Switching out with a friend in the dark when i'm drunk is not ok.
19) Switching out with your underage brother in the dark is not ok.
20) Letting your friends hide in the closet and watch is not ok.
And on and on, I spent almost a year with him and this was the ongoing list of things that happened or he asked for, I really hope she knows what she is getting into and it's her life but wow, He is a deviant like I have never met.

Jan 27, 2020

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  • Yikes!

  • Or your sister is into all that. My sister was and is in a 5 year relationship with my ex. He makes your ex look like a virgin boy scout.

  • Hope your sister can kick that wierdo to the curb. His ideas and action will probably cause him to receive many sessions of fist to the face therapy before advancing to knee in the crotch therapy. Yuck.

  • You should warn your sister. I bet you he will ask you and sister for a threesome

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