I want him to come back soon.

My brother brought a friend of his from college home the other weekend and I instantly fell head over heels for him, Oh my gosh he is HOTTT. The two of them went out clubbing and when they came back to my parents house my brother and his friend were watching tv downstairs, I could hear them because they were right under my bedroom and after a bit they stopped talking but the tv was still on, I went down to turn it off and his friend was still awake.
I had just planned on going down and turning off the tv so I didn't put on a bra and I don't have huge b**** but pretty decent size so tha fact I had no bra on was obvious, I appologized and told him I just came down to say hi, My brother was passed out and his friend made a comment about how he is always a lightweight. Just talking to him I was getting wet and it was obvious he had noticed that my nips were ready to cut glass how hard they were, I mean they were without a word of a lie aching they were so hard, I have a "boyfriend" and I have banged him like 3 times even though my parents think we are just friends but he is not built like my brothers friend.
I just went for it and straddled him sitting on his lap facing him, He panicked and looked at my brother, I leaned in and whispered in his ear "Take me to the bedroom", His mouth was saying no but is d*** was saying yes, I ground against his bulge and he shook his head no pointing to my brother, I lifted my shirt and he stared right at my b****, I stood up and took my shirt off, i tossed it to him and walked toward the bedroom, I stepped into the room, Whipped off my shorts and tossed them over my brother to his friend then waited.
It took about 0.0003 of a second before he was in the doorway and looking me up and down, Withing a few seconds I was on my back, Legs in the air and he had his face buried between my thighs, He lifted my legs more and then i was like (Oh my, What are you doing) then after a second I was like (Oh my don't stop what you're doing) as he licked my bum, He stood up and pulled out a very big, (Cut) c*** and I did what any good girl would do, He grabbed my head and litterally f***** my face, He was making me gag and I was loving it, He pushed me back and spread my legs, and began sliding his big c*** in me, I felt every inch as he kept pushing and filling me, I was stretching and it felt soooo good.
I only lasted maybe 5 minutes before he held his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet as I came and a few minutes later he pulled out and I let him come on my face, I couldn't open my eyes and I don't even think he went soft but he rubbed his k*** on my lips so I opened my mouth and sucked him for a few seconds before he put it back in me, He lifted one leg and flipped me over so I wiped my face with the pillow and I felt him press his thumb against my bum hole, I was like a cat in heat and stuck my bum out more, He pounded me and thumb f***** my ass until we both came at the same time.
We fell on the bed with him spooning me and playing with my b****, He grabbed my one nip and pulled it hard, I gasped and he said "I am gonna f*** you all night", I looked at the clock on the night table and said then you better hurry, It's almost morning. He rolled on top of me and I was on my stomach, I propped myself up on my elbows and he had his hands on the bed kind of under me, He grabbed both of my nips and held them tight, I arched my back and he pinched tighter as I kept arching my back in a rythm making him pull them hard and every time I would relax he would adjust his grip and when I felt him squeeze I would arch my back again.
I for realz became a pillow biter as I came again with him in me from behind and he nibbled my neck then slammed me against the bed with his hands on my shoulders holding me down while he came in me from behind. He rolled off me and I rolled onto my back, He looked at me and said (You realize you can never tell anyone about this), I said (Uh, Yeah, No s***), I reached over and stroked him then looked at the clock and said (It's not quite morning yet), He chuckled and said (yeah, Sorry, Not happeneing) which was good because I was sore already.
I snuck back to my room and laid there for about 2 seconds before passing out, I woke up a bit later in the morning and almost ran to the kitchen to see if he was there, I asked my mom where Shaun and his friend were and she said they had already left, I had breakfast and a little while later they came back, I was still in the kitchen and instantly when he came around the corner I felt my nips perk up, My mom noticed too but she couldn't say anything right away because my dad and shaun and his friend were all in the room but I made sure to sit facing them and it was obvious they all noticed. When mom had a chance she came up and whispered (Cassie, You should go put on a bra), I looked down and pretended to be surprised, She pretty much followed me to my room and I thanked her for telling me, She said (Yeah, Probably anytime someone is here from now on you should wear one).
My mom was about to leave my room and I was standing there with no shirt on, I said (Mom?), She said (Yeah?), I said (How old is Shauns friend?), She raised her eyebrows and looked at my nips, Cleared her throat and said (Uhh...I would guess 21 or 22, same as Shaun) then she nodded her head and said (Uh, We should probably have a talk but...Can it wait?) I nodded my head yes and she left the room. I spent the day following them around like his little puppy dog and my brother had obviously said something to my mom because that night when they left to go back she came to my room and we had "The talk", She explained that he is too old for me and probably not into me being he is older and probably has girls at college chasing him.
Oh mom, If you only knew.

Jan 27, 2020

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  • Dont get all up in your head about it, He has probably already forgotten about you. I gave a friend of my cousins head in the bathroom one time when I was there visiting, I went back a month later and he didn't even remember me until I said "Do you remember me sucking your d*** a month ago", He was like "Ooohhh yeah, Did you do something different with your hair?" (I didn't).

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