Prevent a pervert.

A 25 year old man I interviewed was in prison for multiple rapes on older women. While committing these acts, he would call them, ‘mother’ and make them call him ‘son’ while removing their clothes and make them ask him to touch them and finally he would make them ask him to have s** with them.
His tormented life started as sneaking and window peeping at his mother, then throughout the neighborhood.

When asked how his life might have been influenced for the better he told me; if his mother had spent some alone time with him when he was a teenager, letting him look and touch and ask questions, he wouldn’t have let his curiosity get out of hand.
His sisters were promiscuous and he said he saw them naked and could have had s** with them many times, but it was his mother that must have been hiding the best from him. It was her he needed to know and learn from.

When discussing this with a colleague, he told me his own mother came to his room when he turned 13. She had just bathed and was only wearing a towel. She sat on the bed with him and told him he needed to learn about a woman’s body now and that she would always allow him to look, touch, and ask questions. She didn’t want him preoccupied while in school wondering about other girls or teachers instead of learning.

She stood with her back to him and removed the towel. He looked and touched until he was comfortable. She turned sideways and then full front, repeating the process.
She was very loving and gave him a long hug telling him to come to her any time for any reason. And he knew exactly what she meant.

So, I asked, “did you?”
With a big smile and a laugh, he said, “h*** yes I did. Nearly every day for the next five years. And every chance I got after I left home”.
He graduated from Harvard.

Hopefully this advice will help many young men, and prevent them from becoming window peepers in the neighborhood and ending up in trouble with the law.

Jan 27, 2020

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  • That makes a lot of sense. It doesn’t take much for a hor ny 14 year old to get turned on, a good reliable sexual release would free him up to concentrate on studies.
    Momma wears a slinky sexy neglige and shows a lot of skin, a kid would be hitting that every hour or two for 5 or ten minutes, tops.
    As long as she doesn’t expect him to be pleasing her, any more than what it would while he’s getting his release, then he’d be done quickly and able to study or just clear his mind for more important things.

    Some code words, like; momma, can you bend over now? Lay on your back? Get on top?
    And she’d reply something like; yes, in 1 hour, or yes in 10 minutes.
    Or maybe, yes, after you’ve done the dishes. Yes, after dinner.
    I can see a 2-way Street where both learn to give and receive.
    The more I think about the time I wasted fantasizing every day and sneaking off to mast-urbate several times a day, when I could have been done with it in 10 minutes or less with a real live woman, I’d be a lot smarter and better off today if I’d had that option.

  • I was never aware of this kind of stuff before.

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