Getting crowded part 3

I got home from work later than usual on Friday and lost track of time while taking a shower. Wondering if John and his friends will really try to just have their way with Denise? I get h**** and j***-off.

Took longer than I should have and I notice it’s dark outside. I should have already been in there with Denise, putting on the show.

Bedroom is empty, so I’ll go get her.

At first I didn’t understand what was going on. A couple guys are sitting in chairs like I expected, but the coffee table is missing. Other chairs and the sofa are in different places. And there’s a naked wrestling match going on in the middle of the floor. The only light in the room is from the f*** flick on tv but there is no sound coming from it.
All the grunting, groaning and moaning is from the mass of bodies on a blanket on the floor.

It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and the flickering light but gradually I can see pretty well. Very well, actually.
Denise is lying on a guy and there’s a guy almost lying on her. Like a DP position. But we’ve never even talked about doing that. It sure sounds like she’s getting f***** but I don’t know if it’s the bottom fellow, who turns out to be John, or if it’s the top fellow.

Wow, this is like a real, one-woman orgy. I guess that would be a gang-bang. Boing! Instant hard-on. My wife in a gang-bang.

I see her hand rubbing d**** and b****, and she’s sucking a d***.
One guy is feeling and chewing on her left leg.

I want to ask which one is f****** her.
John told us several times he has a lot of v***** saved up since his divorce, but this guy on top really looks like he’s working a d*** in her, not just humping on her butt.

She couldn’t have it in her ass. No f****** way. We only did that a couple times, back when we were going together and a couple times shortly after marriage. She’d have to be really h**** to do that, and there’s not enough room in that little p**** for two d****.

The dude on top of Denise is slamming her bottom with a loud smack smack smack smack sound and she’s making those impact grunts, like he’s really pounding a c*** in her. I kind of think they are all faking this, trying to make me think they’re really f****** her, but they are damn good. H*** of a lot better than some of those flicks John has brought over.

I start to tell her, ‘I’m here. We can go to the bedroom now’. But top man is on his hands and knees and he’s taking long draws to slam against her. I hate to do it, but I bend way down so I can see between him and her when he comes up and, son-of-a-b****. He’s really pounding a big ole c*** into her. And I think it’s not in her p****.
You can’t just walk in and f*** a married woman in her ass, can you? I wouldn’t have thought she’d allow it.

I’m glad I see he has a condom on, because he’s coming now. I don’t want them coming on her. Or in her. Or on the floor. This guy is the equivalent of a screamer. Very vocal. ‘Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah that’s damn good sweet f***** ass baby. Ohhhhhhhh! F*** yeah tight ass sugar hole damn that’s good.’

So right in the middle of him carrying on, she starts making sounds like she’s coming, too. Must have picked that up from the f*** flicks we were watching. Makes a good show when it looks like the man and woman come at the same time.

This is the gross part. Turns out top man really did c** in the condom. And he really was in her butt hole.
His d*** came out of the condom and it’s leaving a slug trail on her ass cheek. Now he has to pull the condom out of her butt hole by hand.

Ass man gets to his feet and as he steps away, I can see John’s stocky c*** is like a Jack-pump, pumping oil. Constantly and steadily, up and down rocking action. I wonder how much is inside her. There’s a lot showing when he’s on the down stroke and she’s raising her ass up. But when they come together, there’s still a lot showing. F***** never told me he was hung like a donkey.

I appreciate and admire and I’m very proud of the sexy beauty of Denise. Her smooth silky skin and firm body rivals any p*** star actress I’ve seen.
Knowing these guys are in awe of her and she’s probably way better than any woman they ever have or ever will f*** makes me swell with pride. Makes my d*** swell too.

Another guy takes the position the ass man was just in. Completely blocking my view of her pretty butt.

A man hands him a condom and it was like one fluid motion. From hand to hand to d***.
At least it’s a regular size d***. He also has a tube of lube.
This is going like a well oiled machine.
As he slides his d*** slowly in one smooth push all the way in, Denise bellows out a loud o*****, and I think every man there gave a loud cheer in appreciation of her accomplishment.

Every man but me. I stood there, in total embarrassment, because she’s never had that loud of an o***** with me.

John lasted the full course. The others wanted some form of seconds, but John was the boss. Once they finished this round, they could watch or leave. But John was the top dog now and he rolled her over on her back and slammed her silly.

I got bored, a little bit, listening to her have o******. I think she was acting, but she made those fake o****** with John sound better than the real ones she’s had with me.

She ended up with friction burn on her back from the blanket on the floor.
Serves her right. Acting like a wanton w****. I liked the act she put on though.

John was the only guy that got any p**** that night, but he says things will get even better.

I’m not as nervous now about next week. I’m looking forward to what else they can think of doing.

Jan 31, 2020

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