Extra Credit in School

Early 1969 I was a junior in high school. One Saturday afternoon I was going down the highway to another town in my ‘66 GTO’ when I drove up behind a friend’s mustang.

It was going slower than normal and the gal sitting in the middle of the seat with his arm around her didn’t look like his girlfriend from behind.

I started to pass and as I got up beside him I slowed down to wave and see who was in the car with him.
I put my hand up and he looked at me, then the gal he was with leaned forward and looked at me.

When I saw who she was, I hit the brakes hard. This was before anti-lock brakes and a hard slide was not a trivial matter. I could have wrecked.
When I was under control I jammed it into third gear and sped on by, and put them out of sight quickly.

I don’t know why I was so embarrassed. She was our English teacher. And the prettiest teacher in the world, as far as I knew.

When I was in her class, I couldn’t think of anything but her. Daydreaming about her lifting her dress up. Or me lifting it up. Or one of us taking it off of her, and she’d bend over and lie face up or face down on her desk. Of course she must have been naked under that dress.

One time the class was taking a test and she was walking around. She stopped beside me and her dress was touching my left arm.
I was looking at the test on my desk before she stopped, but suddenly I was just looking down at her legs on my left side.

My arm was getting so hot where her dress was touching me, I was afraid it would burn my arm, or it would catch her dress on fire. But I wasn’t going to move my arm. It was touching the dress of the ‘hottest teacher’ there ever was.

I swear, she leaned against me with her legs against my arm and my side, then she bent down and rubbed her b**** across my shoulders and my head. Then she placed her right hand over mine and picked it up. She put the pencil to one of the test answer squares and colored it in for me.

She leaned even closer, with her b**** all over my head and the side of my face, and she whispered in my ear, “That’s the correct answer. Now look at the test, not at my legs”.

Then she stood up. I looked up at her with my mouth open. She smiled and walked away...to torment some other fool I suppose.

But it turned out my buddy was tapping this married teacher that was 8 years older than us. I had only kissed a couple of girls in my life, and it wasn’t during s**.

My buddy wasn’t just a more mature teenager than me, he was all the way up there in adultery.

Feb 2, 2020

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  • Back in the summer of '69! Those were the best days of my life!

  • F’n HOT, bro.

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