Wife met me for lunch almost naked.

One night when I was working 2nd shift my wife came to where I worked and met me in the parking lot for lunch. She seemed pretty dressed up so I asked her why she was all dressed up. She said no reason I just dressed for you to meet you for lunch. She was wearing her white fox coat which was short enough to show off her pretty legs. I said you wore a dress to meet me for lunch? I said you must be going somewhere after lunch. She said no, its just for you. Then she opened her coat to show me what she was wearing. She had on a half bra which basically just propped her ** from underneath but left ** and ** exposed. Sheer thong ** and a garter belt with stockings. That is all she had on under her coat. I said wow and looked at her. My wife was pretty creative and was always doing ** things to spice things up. Once she got a room at a hotel and picked me up from work and we went to the room. The hotel had glass elevators and when we were riding the elevator up to our room she opened the same fox coat to show me she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. No one was in the elevator but like I said they were glass elevators so anyone looking at our elevator could have seen her. I said aren’t you afraid someone might see you? She said I did this for you, if others see me well then they just do. So meeting me for lunch was just her way of having fun. I only had a half hour for lunch but it was a fun half hour. As people started coming back to work from lunch, some of my coworkers were walking by our car and stopped to meet my wife. She had pulled her coat shut and talked to my coworkers as they said hello. A couple of my best friends stopped to talk to us. They had met my wife before. While they were talking to us, one of them said wow you’re all dressed up, whats the occasion? She said no occasion, just meeting my husband for work. I teased my wife by saying open your coat honey, show them your outfit. She laughed and said no thats ok. I said go ahead show them. By now my friends were curious as to what she was wearing. She said I’m not showing them but you can if you want. My friends laughed and said what are you wearing that you don’t want us to see? My wife giggled and kind of bit her lower lip. I said go ahead, show them. She said you show them if you want to. I said guys come up close to the window. They did and I reached over and opened my wife’s coat wide. She looked at my friends and they looked at her. She glanced at me smiling and back at my friends looking at her almost naked. After about 30 seconds she said don’t you guys have to go back to work. We all laughed and said we might get docked for being late but it was worth it. My wife kissed me and I went back to work. ** was great that night. Laying in bed I said are you disappointed that I opened your coat for my friends to see what was underneath? She said it was her body but if I wanted to show it to my friends then she wasn’t going to stop me. I said it didn’t make you nervous? She said no not at all but she said she was nervous as ** driving to and from my work worried about getting pulled over or in an accident dressed the way she was. I said you let my friends see your ** and the rest of you barely covered but you were worried about getting pulled over or in an accident? She said it’s simple. You were with me at work and you opened my coat to show your friends but if I get pulled over or in an accident others might see what your friends saw and you wouldn’t be with me. She said I can imagine being pulled over and asked to get out of the car and the cop opening my coat to search me and surprise!! I laughed but the night was still a fun night. My friends can’t stop talking about what happened that night. I hope my wife doesn’t change. Things like meeting me for lunch or the glass elevator has kept our ** life top notch.

Dec 19
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  • So you opened your wife's coat so your friends could see her bare t****** and she didn’t get mad and just let them look at them? Wow how lucky are you!

  • Yes I felt pretty lucky that day. I didn’t think she would get mad because she said if I wanted to open her coat and show them I could. I opened her coat so they could see she was almost naked underneath. Her bare t****** on display she just smiled looking at me and then back at them. I think she enjoyed letting them see her pretty t******. She sat there calmly just smiling as they looked at her body. I loved showing her off.

  • Great story to stroke off to. Would enjoy hearing more. bestucando98@yahoo.com

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