I Really Hate My Family

I really hate my leeching family. I have disassociated from my parasitic family. Those bastards should have been aborted. They are lazy, they use people. They preyed upon my mother because she was stupid & gullible. They never used me- I told them how s***** & parasitic they are. The sooner this family dies, the better.

This family should be wiped off the face of the earth. This family is a bunch of subhumans. The book The Bastards of the Carolinas describes this dysfunctional, subtard subhumans or rather humanimals to a T. I have always disliked this family. I never loved them, even as a child. I saw this family as backwards country humanimals. They take & take & take but never give. Those subtards in South Carolina have been supported by others for at least 3 generations but the outside support stops w/me. This backward family of South Carolina are swimming or sinking but I really don't give a s*** about this family.

My father hated this f****** parasitic family of South Carolina. This family should die & rot. These Carolinian cretins are much better off dead. I hate this family. F*** this family. This family is a wicked family. Most are scammers, one is a sexual predator & abuser, one uses people for money. All of those vampires have lived free of others for decades. I am one of the few people who know the rotten character of this "family." This "family" is evil. These f****** family isn't about to use me. May this family die out-they deserve nothing less. Pray that this South Carolinian family becomes extinct- all this family have are criminals, s** molesters, scammers, drunkards, drug addicts, & other losers. This family is a family of losers. They don't deserve to live.

If I could sell them, I would...….this family is nothing. In fact, this family is less than nothing. They are stupid backward yokels. My father relayed to me how stupid & backward this family is. This is why he hated my mother. My mother was stupid & blind regarding this f****** family. I have disliked this family. During the years, my dislike of this family metamorphosize to pure hatred. I feel about this family the way God feels about Satan. This family needs to be wiped off the face of the earth!

Feb 2, 2020

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  • Maybe they hate you because you're psychotically obsessed and won't shut the fvck up, ever thought of that?

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