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I had a situation arise which brought back a lot of memories and made me think about growing up in the early to mid 90's, I am going to post a bunch now that I am sitting here thinking about it and they will all be under "My stories".
I am now a 41 year old Mom, Wife etc. and recently had a situation with my oldest daughter, My husband and I were laying in bed and she had a friend over, At first we could just hear quiet music and giggling but it turned to other sounds and we both laid there staring at each other. The next day we obviously discussed it and he was concerned that our daughter was maybe exploring her sexuality with her best friend, I was basically forced to tell him some stuff in an effort to let him know that it didn't necessarily mean she was a lesbian.
His reaction to finding out about some stuff I had never told him was...Surprise...No...shock...No...It started as excitement but turned to shock lets say, I have never told anyone about most of it just because it was...Growing up, Just dumb stuff that I am not proud of most of it but things happen. I started out by explaining my situation so that's how I'll start here. When I was a teenager my mom was single and a very attractive woman who I later found out was into...Alternative stuff "Swinging", Not all out but there was a small group she belonged to and they got together every couple weekends or so but I didn't find out until much later in life. Anyway since she went out every second weekend or so I would go to my cousin’s farm for the weekends, She would drop me off Friday after work and pick me up sunday afternoons.
Usually it was just normal hanging out but as I got a bit older we started doing other stuff, I have a cousin 3 months younger and one 3 years older and a male cousin in between. My older cousin taught me and my other cousin lots of stuff, She taught us how to do our hair and makeup, How to shave our legs, How to shave our...Privates, I thought my husband was going to burst through the sheets with his tent when I told him about that one, Myself, and both of my cousins who I know he thinks are attractive, All bottomless sitting in a sunken tub (Hey it was the 90's) with our legs spread and two of us sitting across from my older cousin watching as she taught us how to shave, She took us shopping for our first thongs, Our first bras and our first...Toy's.
He stared at me when I told him that one and I nodded my head and said "Yeah, she explained it then sent us off on our own", So yeah super weird to have her show us where our...Button was and send us to our separate rooms and then all share notes afterward. When I was 16 she snuck us into our first bar, We went two towns over since she said everyone in their hometown would know her sister, The parking lot was a busy place that night, I ended up having my first time in a truck in the parking lot, My same age cousin gave her first head not too far from where I was and my older cousin gave a double handy apparently.
But rewind a bit to where I had to explain that not every experience ends up leading us down the path of that particular situation, I had been dropped off at the farm and had brought a friend with me since my same age cousin was away that weekend, I had begged mom to let me bring my friend and she agreed so she dropped us off, I was 15 at the time and my older cousin who was supposed to be looking after us was 17...Almost 18, She also had a friend staying with her and that was where things ended up going a bit sideways.
It was all just fun and goffing off until my friend and I heard giggling and talking so we sneaked out of bed and caught my cousin and her friend having a glass of wine, They had gotten into my aunt and uncles wine stash and were drinking, they caught us spying on them and invited us to have a glass of wine and needless to say it didn't take a lot of convincing. after some discussion and laughing about how awful wine was which later in life my opinion has changed (LOL) but we were getting a bit tipsy, My cousin and her friend had a head start but it didn't take long to catch up.
The conversation went from topic to topic and then someone brought up a game of...Follow the leader. So...The rules were laid out, Whatever my cousin and her friend did we were to copy them, It started out pretty tame, Funny faces, Head stands, Then moved to provacative dance moves, Some botty shaking and then a flash. At the time I was flat chested, No other way to describe it, i had nothing, I was in that awkward stage where nothing seemed to be happening, I had lost my puffy nips and spent many hours over the next two years standing sideways in a mirror wondering if I could notice some growth or if it was my imagination until somewhere around my 16th birthday when they seemingly started to double over night for 6 months until I reached my eventual C-cup status, I had to wear bras from 14 to 16, Not because I had ANY b**** but because I had permanent hard nips, Always, They never went down, Bandaids and bras just so they weren't visible (Mom insisted after catching my male cousin with a b**** staring at them through my nightshirt). Anyway I am wandering, So my friend and I are at my cousins and the falsh happens, My friend and I stared at the b**** across from us, My cousin is and always has been...Chesty, Her friend not far behind and my friend somewhere between the wo of them. We reluctantly lifted our shirts and my cousins friend said "Holy crap, those are bigger than mine...Don't worry, Yours will come, Your mom has great b****", Which she always was a C-cup, So there I am surrounded by at least C's, Probably even D's and my cousins DD's and I am looking down at two hard little nips just standing there all alone with not even a bump to stand on. and then it got more and more risque from there. My cousins friend reached over and grabbed my cousins b***, I did the same to my friend since I had none to grab, My cousin licked her friends nipple and my friend did it to me and then the switch.
My cousins friend sat next to me, My friend next to my cousin and there was a topless kiss, A hand down the pants and then the "Game" kind of got left behind, We all went to the bedroom and my cousin and her friend taught us some stuff, Showed us how to do it to each other and then me and my friend went full on under the guidance of my cousin and her friend who joined in here and there which ruined our friendship because she wouldn't talk to me after.
So I explained all this to my husband and told him about the only other times which I chalk up to usually drunken stupidity and then had a talk with my daughter the next day, As it turned out they were not doing what we thought and it was just Solo in the same bed, Not quite the everyday but I have been there and it really doesn't mean at all what guys think.

Feb 4, 2020

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