My stories 2

As promised here is another one, So I thought I would lead off with the explanation to where I left off, From a young age I was...Sexual, I had interests before most of my friends and maybe it was from having an older cousin who was a literal nympho and we used to catch her all the time which lead to me being interested and starting maybe a bit earlier than I would have otherwise but by 15 I was having solo sessions and sometimes the mood would strike me if I was having a sleepover.
I didn't have any interest in being "With" another girl at first and it just started out with me and my cousin spying on my older cousin and then sneaking back to her room, Both very worked up and after a short discussion had a fully clothed solo session side by side, After a while it turned to undressed side by side then I did it with a couple of my friends at separate times and it sort of became a thing, There seemed to be people I knew doing it and from there progressed into a bit of touching and some of them went further but I never did.
I don't know if other people have had similar experiences but I am sure they have.

Feb 4, 2020

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  • I (m) had 2 much younger (F) cousins and started doing stuff with them from about 10

  • Me and a friend of mine masturbated in the same bed for 3 years before we started to venture out and find boys to fulfill our needs, We had both decided to wait until we were 18 to have s**, Not that weird.

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