Holiday with my friend

I'm a guy who went for a holiday with my female friend. We stayed in a hotel room and every day I was masturbating while she was nearby. First time she was sitting at the desk doing her makeup using a small handheld mirror while I was watching tv. I was turned on from the thought of masturbating behind her. This fantasy made me very aroused so I pretended to watch tv but quietly pulled out my c*** and started to m********* with her sitting only a few feet away from me. I realised she could easily have seen me in her little mirror but that only made me more h****. My c*** was so hard and throbbing from excitement. I was standing like that for a couple of minutes, while she kept doing her makeup. Then all of a sudden she turned her head around a bit to look at the tv and I nearly fainted from the shock because I thought she would see me, I froze in my movement because now I was in her field of vision but she was focused on the tv so she didn't see me. I didn't know what to do. I was standing there with my rock hard c*** in my hand and then she just giggled and commented about something on the tv program and kept watching for a while. So I started to m********* again, thinking "what the h***? if she sees me so what?". I answered her briefly and continued to stroke my c***. This was so f****** exciting! My pulse was rushing. Precum was coming out of my c***. She just kept watching the tv, giggling now and then..the thought of her being able to see me was too much. I almost fainted from the excitement, and right then I had a huge o*****, which I tried my best to control. I held my breath and with a couple of last strokes I e********* several streaks of c** which was shooting in her direction. Some sperm even reached her and landed on her lower back. I can't believe she didn't notice that. Soon after she giggled again and returned to her attention to her make up procedure.

The second day she was resting in bed at daytime, so she had on an eyemask. She was still awake when I became turned on again, so I started to m********* right in front of her. I knew this eye mask wasn't shutting out all vision because I had tried it on and it was sort of possible to see out a little bit at the edges. Because of this I realsed she may see me wanking if only she would try, and that was such a f****** turn on for me. This time I didn't care at all, so I silently undressed all my clothes and stood there totally naked in front of her. We talked a bit about our plans for the evening, meanwhile I was slowly stroking my c***, but I was also shaking from fear of being caught by her. But this fear was also such an enormous turn on and it made my c*** throbbing with excitement. Then I realised her suitcase was lying next to me, so I slowly opened it and found her used panties from the day before. They were black and I could smell her scent in them. This was almost too much. I held her panties to my face, sniffing them while wanking hard.
Then she said "okay sweety lets stop talking now, you can focus on what you're doing while i sleep. nightieee". I panicked because I thought she knew what I was doing. But I was beyond caring now. I kept sniffing her underwear, imagining how they had been rubbing against her sweet p****. Then I felt i was about to come so I held her panties in my left hand and shot all of my c** right on the slightly stained crotch area. Her panties ended up being totally soaked from my c**. I put them back into her bag andthat was the end of my second adventure.

Every day during our holiday I did something similar, trying out different situations. Once I was masturbating while she was standing right in front of me bending forward to fiddle with one of her items. She was too focused on her work to see me. But best of all was that she had on a top with a very wide neck opening so when she was bending down I had a perfect view of her perky t***. I masturbated while watching her beautiful b****. She was concentrating so much on her stuff that she never noticed me. Another time I went to the bathroom just after she had a shower and I found her panties there and they had a wet spot so I had a w*** while sniffing them and licking the wet spot. I also played with her towel which was still wet and it was great to imagine how the towel had been stroking her sexy body.

We slept in the same king size bed and one morning when the sun was up she had moved rather close to me and I felt her breath on my shoulder. This was such a nice feeling and also a turn on, so I started masturbating there in bed with her sleeping close to me. I removed my cover as well as my underwear and lay there totally in the nude, stroking my hard c*** while feeling her breath on my skin. This was so unbelievably exciting that I didn't take long to get a the most fantastic o*****. I couldn't control my c** and it was shooting off streaks mostly over myself but also on her shoulder but she didn't notice. I didn't know what to do with the c** on her shoulder but I decided to let it be. I didn't wanna wake her up trying to remove it. So I watched my c** slowly run down towards her neck. I was panicking because I thought she would wake up and notice, but she kept sleeping for a few more hours and by then my c** had dried out and she never seemed to notice. She didn't have a shower that day and I was very turned on from the thought of her walking around with my c** on her. To this day I always think of this situation when I m*********.

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  • kiar... F*** u

  • hahaha what a boolshit. you c** every time and she doesnt notice it on her haha common

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