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So now what, Hmm, How about my cousin urging me and her sister to be with older guys and the time my she snuck us into the bar that I eluded to earlier.
So I am at the farm and my cousin is supposed to be baby sitting us, She sneaks us into the bar and it was a total s*** show. My cousin and I were 16 and sitting in a corner freaking out because we thought we would get caught and they would call the cops and we would spend our entire youth in prison breaking rocks or something, We did get caught by the cops but not for being in the bar but that will come later.
So three attractive young girls sitting in a small town Wisconson bar attracts some...Male attention, My cousin was urging us to dance and drink etc. and we did loosen up, Literally. I had a boyfriend at the time and we had slept together a few times but he was the same age as me and I found out not all men are created equal (He was small), I had one guy following me around drooling all over me, He was quite good looking in his Wranglers and cowboy hat and even my older cousin was like "Well, Look at you, He is hot", He kept bugging me to go outside with him and I kept saying no, My cousin had another guy all over her fondling her and groping her and my older cousin basically told her to go out to his car.
The guy I had buying me drinks kept hinting and my cousin kept pushing me to go, I said "No, I have a boyfriend", She said "I have seen him, There is no comparison...Trust me girl, You will not find a boy like that in the city", She knew I'd had s** a few times and said "You know what your boyfriend does to you, I will gurantee he will do it ten times better". So with the mix of booze and the guy being really hot and she was pushing me, Almost literally to go outside with him I eventually gave in.
He led me by the hand to his completely stereotypical cowboy truck and we slide inside, He is sitting on the passengers side and me in the middle, We start to get all hot and heavy petting and groping and soon he had my shirt off, I had started to get some b**** by this point, Not a lot but they were starting (Still couldn't pass a pencil test) and he was really excited about them, Mostly my nipples I am sure which were still big compared to my b****. We kept going and he laid me back on the seat with my head by the steering wheel and I still don't know how he did it but he was somehow scrunched up on the floor.
he had my underwear off and one leg on the back of the seat, the other on the dash of his truck and started going down on me. I was like "Oh boy, My cousin was right...He is good at this", he was the first guy and the only one for quite a while after that who...was willing and not only willing but he was the one who started it but he was all about every...Hole. At first he was just licking then he started sucking my c***, Like actually sucking it in a pulsing motion and I don't know for sure but I may have gotten off way early just from that alone which actually let me settle in and enjoy the rest because before that I was all over the place.
He was moaning and licking and rubbing and I had my legs up on the roof of his truck lifting my butt off the seat, I don't know what was in those drinks he was buying me but I was like an animal, I got my legs wrapped around his head holding him there and he started piching my nipples and I said "Fu...Fu...Please f*** me". He got on top of me and slid on a condom.
We were going and going and he got a bit frustrated and pulled out, I said "Don't stop, Don't stop" and he said something about the condom and my brain was not working at all obviously because I said "Take it off", He looked at me and I nodded and it went flying to the floor. I have to say, there is something to be said for bareback, That was my first time but I was hooked, He had my legs up, Reaching back rubbing my butt hole and everything was all slippery wet.
A few minutes later I started coming, I was screaming I was coming so hard and he slammed into me deep and started coming, I didn't even care that he was coming inside at that moment and we both came over and over. When we finished he stayed inside me until he went limp and my v***** basically pushed him out, I slid to the drivers side and he sat up leaning on the dash breathing heavy, We caught our breath and he looked at me saying "Good f****** god you are beautiful, You are so amazing and tight".
I was not in my right frame of mind giggled and said "I should be", He closed his eyes and sat there, there was a huge wet spot on the seat between us and then he looked over and said "What?", I looked at him and said "Huh?", He said "I said you were tight and you said you should be", he pulled on his pants and jumped the wet spot sitting beside me, he said "Where are you from?", I told him the city and he asked what i was doing in their bar and...S***.
I wasn't thinking and said "Uh...My cousin...that I am here with...She uh..Snuck us in", He said "Snuck you in?" I nodded and he said "What...Uhh...How old are you?", I looked own and said "Mmm...18", He said "Seriously...For real?", I said "Uhh...16". He sat back and looked at me and said "Bullshit", I got my purse out and showed him my school ID and he took a deep breath and said "F***", I assured him it was ok and he said "Do you know how old I am?", I shook my hea dno and he said "24, I have a little sister older than you".
We sat and talked for a bit and he was not super happy about my age and when we went back inside he split off from me right away, My same age cousin was back in the bar and looking upset, I went and sat with her, She asked where her sister was and I said I didn't know, We waited and when she came back looking very guilty my same age cousin wanted to leave. After we were in the car her sister asked her what was wrong and she said she just wanted to go home.
As luck would have it we are sneaking down the back roads and pass a car, It spins around and the red and blue lights come on, 2 drunk 16 year olds and a drunk 18, Almost 19 year old driving but regardless none of us are old enough to drink. My older cousin is freaking out and pulls over, The cop walks up and says "Good evening", We say good evening, He asks where we are coming from so since we were only 8 miles from the farm my cousin says we are coming from a friends place. He gets my older cousin out of the car and we can see him administering a field sobriety test aaaannnndddd...Fail.
I could see that she was being flirty with the cop and he was into into it, We were watching out the back window and I remember the moment her flirtyness changed to...Something else, Not flirty anymore and his posture changed, he was taking a more commanding stance and she was...Cowering. I was in the front passengers seat and quietly rolled my window down, I could hear him saying he was calling our parents and she was begging him not to, When he said "Well, I gave you your options" was when she put her head down and walked back toward the car, She opened the back door and told her sister to get in the front.
My older cousin got in the back seat and he slid in beside her, Me and my same age cousin sat facing straight ahead and he closed the door, He instructed me to lean my seat back and I did, My cousin asked him not to and he told her she had enough to worry about, I sat there still facing forward and he told my cousin to lean her seat back so she did, We looked at each other and were freaking out. We heard the zip and some rustling then he said "Get to it", I was looking back out of the corner of my eye and he was on his knees, P**** out and my older cousin was scrunched up against the door on her knees, We heard her start sucking him and I froze.
He started sliding his hand over my shoulder and into my shirt, He said "Who's this?", My older cousin told him and He tugged on my bra and said "Get rid of this" I took off my bra and he told my other cousin to do the same, Me and her just sat there while my older cousin sucked him off and he pulled our shirts up playing with our b****, he reached down and pulled up my same age cousins skirt and made her spread her legs then leaned between us and fingered her while sucking her b**** and then leaned back, Turned and did the same to me.
He told my older cousin to turn around and she started crying, He told us to turn around and we did leaning over the seats, He started banging her and reaching over us fingering us and rubbing our...Butt holes saying "See this, This is what happens when you're bad little whores", He pulled my hair and said "You're next and I started crying". My older cousin started pretending she was into it so he would focus on her and it worked, He reached around, grabbed her b**** and slammed her hard coming inside her. He told us to lay flat on the seats and we did facing the back of the car and he reached over fingering us both a bit then made us sit facing forward and played with our b****.
My cousin asked if we could go and he got dressed, Leaned over grabbing my same age cousins b**** and said "Damn they got big", He run his hnad down my stomach and I spread my legs, He fingered me and whispered "I used to f*** your mom in high school" and I started to cry. He said "Don't worry girls, You are free to go...But next time you all put out"
We went home and never spoke a word of it to each other or anyone else but I found out he is a friend of my uncles. Needless to say we never went back there and never drove alone at night.

Feb 4, 2020

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  • You should've told him how old you were so he would freak out

  • Didn't read a single one of these. But man, the bored teenager sucking the admin's d!ck really needs attention, don't they? lol

  • It really has gotten bad in here recently

  • When we were teenagers my sister and I got caught hopping the fence at a motel to use their pool. The "security guard " got us out of the pool and dragged us into this little guard house which was nothing more than a shed. He starts telling us he is going to call the cops and have us arrested I'm freaking out. My sister starts flirting with him and letting him feel her up. He has his hand in her top squeezing her t** then tells me to wait out side. I looked at my sister and she just nodded for me to go . I walked out and looked through the window while he takes her top off and then makes her get on her knees to suck his d***. I was 14 when this happened and jerked off hundreds of times to the memory of her topless blowing him. I know its bad .

  • Was sis older or younger?

  • She was 15

  • My room mate banged a cop 3 years ago out behind a bar when he caught us smoking weed, We were like 18 and he was old, Like 40's or 50's. He made me watch while he played with my b****...UGH!!!

  • My boyfriend and I were hiking in a state park and stopped to smoke a joint. We barely had time to light it when out of no where this ranger is standing right in front of us. He separated us asking who's pot it was and how old I was (16) how old my boyfriend was (19) he then had my boyfriend in cuffs sitting on the ground. He takes me a little further away and starts telling me all the trouble we are in and that my boyfriend will be going to jail. I'm in a full panic begging him not to take my boyfriend to jail, he looks at my boyfriend then back at me and just unzips his pants telling me to do a good job and we all go home happy. So yeah with my boyfriend sitting handcuffed ten feet away I sucked this ranger's d*** so we didn't get arrested. He took the handcuffs off my boyfriend told him how lucky he was that I was "so agreeable" then walked away. Not ten minutes later my boyfriend started asking me to suck him off.

  • Bet you enjoyed all that c-m

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