Best mother sister ever

My 10th grade friend is older than me but were always friends. He always tells me we should do my mother but I no we can’t but he got a camera and said to mom, let us take your picture cause your pretty and really nice body. She said ok and he said lay in the bed and she did then he tell her where to turn and had her roll over and took lots the. He told her let me lay with her and he took more pictures with me on her missynarry style and doggy style and then we switched and I took pictures with him like that.
Mom tell us we should all tak our cloths off for those kind of pictures but my friend say we have to do it that way first so he can see if it look right and we do that for real next time. Mom said she was tak her top off we want and I did want but friend say not til I we tak more pics.
So he told me this ween we will tak cloths off her next time.

Feb 6, 2020

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  • Now my mom says no can’t do that any more. I ask why and she say not right to do that and we had the chance with her the first time when she was in the mood but she has better thought of it now.
    My stupid friend was wrong no to let her when she wild the first time but he says she will when she sees the photos he taked of us as soon as he can get a printer. I sad show her the camera and he sad he can’t because he has his mom on there to and he don’t want her to see that.
    I want to see his mom but he sad she it all real nakked womt show her to me. But I should see his mom nakked is he wants to see mine. Don’t every one says that is right.

  • H*** yes, it’s only fair that you should do everything to his mom that he’s going to do to yours. If he won’t show you his mom, take your own photos of your mom, then let him have a glimpse of what he could have had if he would share.

    Sounds like your mom would go all the way for you two boys if she’s in the right mood. Set up a video camera and capture all the action.
    Tell us, Is your mom pretty? Nice body? Are you ready to get her honey on your stinger?
    Have you seen her have s e x with other men or boys before?

    Let me know if you need some advice on anything.

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