I had the key to her house

When i was a h**** 16 year old kid i couldnt stop thinking about the new lady that moved in next door. she was 40 years old and so attractive. i would always see her working in the yard then i would go to my room and j*** off.
the summer she moved in i came home from school and she was sitting in my kitchen talking to my mother. this was the first time they had met and seemed to hit it off real well.
a few weeks later she was over again and she gave my mom a key to the house in case of a emergency. i watched as my mom hung the key in a cabinet. i knew i would be using that key real soon!
3 or 4 days later i see the neighbor leave for work, my parents were also gone. i got the key and let myself into her house and looked around. i went into her bedroom and looked in her nightstand drawer and found a large collection of her s** toys. this lady must like a*** s** because she had a few butt plugs and a*** beads and lots of lube. i then go in her laundry room and there is a basket filled with dirty clothes. right on the top i see a pair of nude colored pantyhose with a black thong wrapped up in them. i held the cotton crotch of the thong to my nose and the scent was really nice my c*** was almost ready to explode. i took them back to her bedroom and layed on her bed with my c*** in my hand and the thong shoved in my mouth and the pantyhose wrapped around my thick shaft. yes at the age of 16 i was blessed with a rather large p**** and it was very thick. i made myself c** in a few min and cleaned up with her pantyhose. i returned so many time that summer. i think i jerked off into every pair of panties and hose that she had owned. i even tried out a few of her toys a couple of times

Feb 8, 2020

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