My boyfriend dad

I have Ben dating my boyfriend to get closer to his dad . Knowing my boyfriend was going away with his mother for the weekend. I showed up after they left . I was in a short plaid skirt that I had win I was 10 . So u could see my black thong under my skirt . And I had the strings on my hips so u could see thim . I don't have on a shirt . Just a bikini top. It was to small for me to my 14 year b**** was over flowing . I naked at the door the dad answer the door . He was drooling as soon as he seen me . I ask if my boyfriend was there . He told me he had left for the weekend . I smiled and said I know and kiss him . He invited me . I could see he was ready from the balg in his pants . He lead me to his room and push me into his bed . We f***** all night over the weekend we f***** in every room of the house . Even on my boyfriend bed. After my boyfriend got home I heard a nock at my window it was his dad we f***** in my bed . Now we f*** every chance we get

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  • I find this hard to believe. If you were 14 and than man was half a man he would have tore your little p**** up.

    I call bullshit

  • This the same guy posting so many fake stories. Go stand on the tracks.

  • You are an adult pretending to be a young girl!!

  • You need to spend less time f****** and more time in English class

  • Amazing, at 14, you must have made your p**** soar with fluffy lips through all these f*******!!

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