Crossdressing Risk Escalation

Since my girlfriend moved out, I’ve been able to indulge my secret crossdressing much, much more and it’s become sort of an obsession for me.
I work from home and now get up super early so I can bathe, thoroughly shave, put one some beautifully sexy lingerie, make-up, nails and wig before I start my day.
By 8.30am I’m usually fully transformed into a sexy female version of myself and ready to get to work.
I love how feminine I feel while typing wearing my stick-on French manicure nails and get a special kick from making calls to customers oblivious to the fact that I’m completely crossdressed on the other end of the phone.
My day consists of many short breaks to check my makeup and lingerie and usually ends in me dressed in my satin French maid uniform and talking to customers.
Lately I’ve been pushing things a little further by using a lovely and comfortable butt plug for the day too!
This has progressed to me videoing myself secretly masturbating while on calls and occasionally c******!
Now it’s quite common for me to be taking work calls while bouncing on my office chair riding a d**** or on all fours pushing back on a wall mounted d****. I love the thrill!
The thought of getting caught and/or being humiliated while crossdressed has also become a huge turn-on of late too.
It started with the odd risky walk outdoors in the garden or driving around fully crossdressed under my male clothes, stopping at a secluded car park, taking pics and having fun venturing further and further from the safety of my car, my camera timer constantly taking pictures of my adventures from the driver’s seat!
My latest passion is to buy sexy lingerie online using my own name and when it all arrives, review the products including pictures of me modelling them uploaded to the review site!
For extra risk I make sure identifying things like my watch, bracelet or distinctive artwork are in the shot!
Today I reviewed a black corset, grey seamed stockings, sissy pouch panties and a silky sissy sleep set from Wish all with accompanying risky pictures and can’t stop thinking about strangers seeing them online.
Today I’ve been dressed in a matching black and white lace suspender bra set with sheer tan lace top stockings, nails, jewellery, full make-up, wig and 5 inch black stiletto heels, loving the clicking sound as I strut around the house!
My neighbours are having a party this evening (which I was invited to but declined to attend) so my plan is to change into my white corset shortly and spend some time lacing it incredibly tightly to give me an hourglass figure. Then on with my Rago girdle, seamed stocking and heels again. After my makeup is reapplied and I’m satisfied that everything looks perfectly sexy I’ll brush my wig and check everything in the mirror.
By that time I’ll be desperate to slide in my slightly larger butt plug and relax for a while until it feels comfortable inside me.
When next door’s party is in full swing I plan to set my phone recording video from my bedroom window pointing to the fence next to their conservatory and film myself acting sexily and feminine right next to them without them knowing. I love doing this, hearing them chatting and laughing in the background when I play the video back, oblivious to what I’m doing right next to them, having to be super-quiet when I writhe and c**!
While I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity to venture outside I have another little way to pass the time while I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go.
I call the girls on Babestation or Xpanded TV for a chat. I get a kick from telling the sexy girls exactly what I’m wearing, what I’m doing and plan to do later. I get a kick from watching their reaction onscreen when I tell them and get a kick from them having no choice but to listen to me even if what I’m doing repulses them!
I also love knowing that other people are listening to me too!
Right, I’m off to get changed, I have a long night ahead and I hope you enjoy my confession!

Feb 12, 2020

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  • I have this fantasy of visiting a dominatrix, who orders me to strip naked and wear stockings and suspenders, then attaches a lead and collar. Then shoves me into a carboot and drives to a public park after midnight. She orders me out and drags me along the carpark, before tying my leash to a park bench, only to produce a camera and take dozens of photos to post on XVideos..entertaining late night men out for a walk.

  • No holes barred..caked in sticky c*m and stockings laddered and damp.

  • You naughty girl, I bet you never had such a hard erection until you started wearing silky ladies clothes?
    Signed Chiffon Sissy

  • Hi Chiffon how u been baby?

  • I’m a straight curious male and I would love to see you all dressed up. I was getting excited thinking about what you are wearing.

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