Corrupt tRump gone Crazy

How long will the Republican Congress let the asinine rump make a mockery of the presidency. Now his henchmen are letting his crooks off the hook and persecuting anyone that failed to bow to him.
This real-life tragedy is taking place right now in this country and four years ago, it wouldn’t have been considered possible. It wouldn’t have even made a good comedy because it was too far fetched.
Rump wants to be Dear Leader and the republican Congress is going to let it happen.
Americans of all parties should be united in ending this disaster NOW!

Feb 12, 2020

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  • And now the Cheeto face is officially restricting information on a deadly disease for his political gain. Heil dumkopf drumpf-trump’s dictatorship.

  • There is only one reason Russia would want Donny the yokel Bumpkin to be president of the United Stares. President bumpkin is Putin’s puppet. Look at Syria and Ukraine.
    Putin has a d-ick in bumpkin’s bu-tt and mouth and bumpkin loves it.
    That cartoon caricature, willie barr, is another d-ick l-icker, and the Republican Congress, except for Mitt Romney, are all pu-ssys.

  • Another post on this site by another butt hurt Liberal f**! Boo hoo, I don't like my president, because he's proved everyone wrong and is doing a fantastic job.
    We're all fed up of you lefty f***, deal with it.

  • Your orange moron lost what he should've never had in the first place.

  • Donald Trump is your president and you are a moron. 😉

  • Nope. U are the true moron.

  • Yawn... whatever, sweetheart. Your outraged tears are still drying from 8 years of Obama, and despite the Tangerine Toddler's efforts there will be a president after him. Stock up on Kleenex and diaper cream while you still think you're having your day in the sun. (By the way, intelligent Americans and the rest of the civilized world don't think too highly of your ilk)

  • You’re a real man, for a six year old. Or is this Donny Drumpf himself?
    The grandson of an immigrant p***.

  • Trump was illegally spied on, setup by the Democrats, they are trying to perform a treasonous coup on Trump. America is doing better than ever yet you think it's a disaster....your brainwashed by the fake media

  • Question for you superbrain:
    Do you find it at all suspicious that every major established news outlet is fake news -- except for Fox ( Faux) News?

  • You’re the one that’s brainwashed and you have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re only repeating those stupid lies Fox and Trump spew out.
    ”A treasonous coup on Trump”. You don’t even know what it means or you wouldn’t have said it.
    If you’re so smart, why don’t you know the difference between your and you’re?

  • Your being mis-led by biased purposely lying media, MSM, and Hollywood. Trump is fighting a war against people who have hijacked this country that have fed everyone lies and fabricate your opinion for you. Operation mockingbird is alive and well, and your a victim of it. They want to feed you a narrative so you have their opinion. Trump takes $1 a year for being president, his family is attacked and the deceitful Democrats can't stand him, ask yourself why would Trump do this to himself? Because he is a patriot and got sick of our country being pillaged and hijacked. Trump is making America great. Best economy in 50 years, more jobs than in lifetime, better trade deals! 500 people who worked to sell out this nation fired or resigned from government... Put aside your TDS, and use your frontal lobe to think and open your eyes. Your being told to hate Trump, chances are you can't quite pinpoint why either.

  • Good Lord, forgive this man, for he knows not what he thinks.
    Your whole rant and spiel is completely backward.
    Trump has fabricated your opinion for you. He is the lying mockingbird. And there is a very good reason he doesn’t want a government paycheck on his fraudulent income tax. Do you really not know how much the government is paying him to play golf? Look it up and get sick.
    A patriot doesn’t pay a quack doctor to say he has bone spurs and can’t serve his country and he sure the heck doesn’t sleep with dictators.
    Either wake up or keep your mouth shut so you don’t show everyone how ignorant you are.

  • Do you really think trump is working?
    And the only reason he doesn’t draw a paycheck is because it would be reason to look at his fictitious income tax.
    He sure as h*** is getting big money to play golf. He charges outrageous fees for the secret service to stay at his property. They should be staying for free.
    It is you poor dummy’s that listen to fake news like fox and rush limbo and that other pie faced doofus, that are brainwashed.
    And the economy is good because of Obama. It won’t stay that way if the big rump and company have their way.
    Look at the jobs that have closed because of him and are outsourced to China and Mexico.
    Did it not ever soak in that Mexico did not and will not pay for the stupid trump wall ? The one that is breached in under 15 minutes. The one that will just be more expense to keep up, and that’s just from the wind.

  • Ever notice how MAGATs either get reeeeally quiet about obvious Trump fuckups (like the badly-built wall) or become even more creative with their rationalizations? This comment has been up two whole days, I'm surprised no one's called you a liberal yet simply for not kissing Donnie's big orange butt.

  • It didn’t take long for the “liberal” label to show up. That is the trumpetts catchphrase for anyone that has a brain.

  • Your mom is a maggot lol

  • Reeeeee ur mom reeeee

    What a sparkling rebuttal! Exactly what we expect from you sisterfuckers :)

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