I finally came out

I came out as Bi to my wife of 14 years. She took it decent. She has been asking a lot of questions and still doesnt understand everything. But she is supporting me to the extent she is comfortable. I feel better and happier now that I am no longer hiding it. I am still committed to her and our relationship but I felt this needed to be shared because it was eating away at me.

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  • Do you miss guys? Even though I am happily married to a woman I do. A "Rude Boy" s** toy helps, not quite the same as being penetrated by a good looking guy but it feels good all the same.

  • Yes I do miss guys. Only because she is not comfortable yet with using a toy on me. The more we talk the more comfortable she is getting but I don't want to push the subject and turn her completely away from it. I will check out the Rude Boy. Thanks

  • My wife was curiously interested in me in a different way than before when I told her that I was bi. She was extremely excited about the details of me bottoming and orally satisfying another boy when I was young and especially the men I'd been with.

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