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All of my family have died throughout my life, now im 19. In school i was the guy to be with, everybody wanted to be with me for a laugh, and they did, but it went downhill after we left, i became less attached to my mates and now they all smoke weed/ go round clubs all the time, but either of those are my thing. i know for a fact ive got mental health problems, ive known for years, but will my step mum and dad or even doctors believe me? No... and now i just sit in my room all day, checking my facebook every now and again to see if someones took a couple of seconds out of there day to just talk to me, im so f****** lonely, im not fat or ugly, i dont like to blow my own trumpet or anything but im fairly attractive, im just too insecure to find a girlfriend i guess. Nobody i know understands what im going through/how i feel/what i want to do (either do i really), i want to be myself but i dont know what myself is anymore, i just want to be loved in all honesty :/ ( sorry about punctuation and everything, i couldnt get it out of my system quick enough)

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  • Sounds like you're really lonely and depressed. Try going to a different doctor for a second opinion. Regardless, maybe they could give you something for your depression, at least temporarily. As for facebook.. don't let that be your only outlet to friends. It can be such a waste of time. You need to get out in that world and start exploring, traveling, making new friends, get excited about life. If you meet some people that you like, you may not be so lonely anymore and your spirits will be lifted. And you never know who you may meet. But you have to put in some effort, you can do it..

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