Me and my stepdad (conf1)

I'm 15 and he's 51. my mom married him when i was 11. he's been a great stepdad, he has provided for us in a way my real dad never did. my mom went through menopause a couple of years ago, and i guess she lost her libido in the process. i'd hear them argue at night in the bedroom. it would usually end with my stepdad slamming their bedroom door shut and sleeping on the couch.

after about 3 months of this i started feeling really bad for him. so sometimes i'd get up and find him in the living room watching tv and just sit with him - keep him company and just try to make him not feel so alone. i love him so much, he's the only dad i've ever known. this went on for another 3 months and i'd usually end up spooning with him on the sofa. their arguments lessened and i think i made him feel better. not so rejected and unwanted like my mom was making him feel.

like any 13yo girl though my body started developing, and by that i mean mainly my b******. they plumped up to a healthy 34D out of nowhere - and i really mean that as my mom only has 34Bs. i must have gotten it from my dad's side - he must have had quite a pair of moobies hahaha!

anyway at that point we were spooning on the couch around 4x a week and sometimes i'd wake up to my stepdad cupping, squeezing and massaging my b******. and no, i don't wear a bra under my nightshirt - i never had to i've always been flat as a board all my life. sometimes i'd wake up with his b**** poking between my legs too. he always kept it in his pj's though so i didn't think anything of it. it was a man's natural reaction to sleeping with a female with big b**** right? couldn't blame him for that. and he was asleep too, can't really blame him for things he can't consciously control or has no awareness of.

we usually both get up before my mom did, so although she knows we sometimes fall asleep on the couch, she rarely sees us. she never said anything about it either coz i think she rather that, than going back to the nightly bedroom arguments they had about the lack of s** in the marriage.

one day though when i was 14 with my raging hormones, i woke up really h****. and thinking my dad was still asleep, i helped myself by rubbing my p**** against his b**** which was already snugged between my legs as usual. i was cupping the head of daddy's d*** over his pj's and pressing it against my c*** as i rubbed. this went on for like 4 minutes and i was getting really frustrated because of our awkward position i couldn't really get a good rub. suddenly my dad was awake whispered "want daddy to help you with that babygirl?" i almost had a heart attack and was about to apologize for molesting him in his sleep, but he kissed me full on in the mouth like a lover while sliding his large rough hands under my nightshirt and cupping my b******. i admit, it made me moan with pleasure - even when at the back of my mind i knew it was wrong. he moved the gusset of my panties aside and he slid out of raging hot b**** and dry humped me until i came. the raw skin to skin contact did it, it felt sooo good. he cummed right after i did and some ended up on my nightshirt and some on the couch. this was how our sexual relationship started.


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  • Mmmm.... i want this so bad

  • My stepdad only married my alcoholic mom because of me. I practically promised him p**** if he married my mom (only gave him b******* before that). It worked. We now live in a small one-bedroom apartment in a nice part of town and I have become my stepdad's young little wife :)

    Since it's one-bedroom I was suppose to sleep in the sofa bed, but mom always manages to pass out on the couch by midnight so I sleep with my stepdad in their bedroom which makes it easy for us. My mom knows but doesn't give a crap. She never gave a crap about anything except for alcohol.

    That was 5 years ago. I am 20 now and 6 month pregnant with our first child. Tbh I don't feel ready to be a mom but my dad is turning 48 this year and he really wants to start a family - a real one.

    Judge me all you want, but I was sick of living in a dump and starving all day everyday to the point where I've started hanging out in different fast food restos to ask for people's leftovers.

  • Ppl are quick to judge if they never been in that situation. Just know your self worth, and once you are a mom it will come naturally to you. You have never really had a "childhood " and took care of yourself it seems. You got this!

  • My stepfather Tom and I are like you two. I'm 34 now we have been making love since I was 15 He always c*** in me. We have a daughter who 18.

    Mom is addicted to drugs and only cares about her next hit. She knows as she walked in on us sleeping naked in my bed many times. She just doesn't care as Tom is around to give her money for her drugs.

    The only time she ever mentioned it was when I was 18. Mom said, pleae wipe between your legs in the morning. For last 3 years i have to wipe your Dad's c** off the kitchen chairs every morning.

    I love Tom so much, I wish Mom would just leave.

  • If this is true that is insane but I find it hard to believe that you two both was sleeping together without your mother wondering what was going on

    He's one lucky man if this is true I'm so f****** jelly lol

  • I am 14 and a girl. I am a bedwetter and wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.I like having my step dad put them on me at bedtime! I feel like i am daddys little girl when he diapers me!

  • This is soooooooooo hot


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    it's much better than this site

  • Oh, the fun of dry f******. Get him to finger you. You sill c**, C**, C**. be hooked for life.

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