I Hate My Dad

My "dad" well actually he's my stepdad is so stupid. I hate him. I have never met my real dad so I have always been stuck with my stepdad. Whenever I was little he was always so nice and good to me. But once I turned about 8 it went downhill. That was the year I found out he wasnt my real dad and after that I just felt some sort of resentment to him. After he started treating me like crap and making me do chores all the time or yell at me for stupid things. He makes fun of the things that I like just to make me mad and whenever I yell back at him I get grounded. I am now 12 and hate him more than ever. He got worse when I got older and now he can't even say a sentence to me without yelling or making fun of me. Even infront of my mom and she just tells me to ignore it and whenever I tell her that I want to meet my real dad she says my "stepdad" is my real dad. I just really hate him and I cant stand to be home with him.

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  • Your real dad is a bozo,give your stepdad a chance,i never had a real father at all in my life time.i never even met my real father in my life time ever.give your stepdad a real good chance.you never know.it may just work out between the both of you.maybe he is going to become your real father that you never had.give him a chance,pretty please.

  • You have a right to meet your dad but you might be disappointed .You have to take into account that your dad hasn't ever been there and doesn't seem to have an interested in contacting you ( i really hate to say that to a kid but i don't want you to turn to someone that may not reciprocate those affections)I'll give you a big secret about adults , they sometimes cant see the difference between real pain and a temper tantrum when it comes to there kids your step dad may be brushing you off because he doesn't see your pain, your mom might be doing the same thing. I say the best thing to do is writing down all your thoughts about what your feeling so you can organize how you feel and when your done you calmly go to your parents tell them you want to sit with them and clearly explain what your feeling i know its hard but if you don't let them hear you your just going to get more p***** off and keep it inside and it will come out in other ways that will make things worse .I hope this is helpful stay strong kid

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