I think I’m going to let my stepdad between my legs

I was looking for confession post for stepdaughters. I want to know if I’m the only one to feel like this. I’m 16 years old and I live with my mom and her husband. All I do now is fantasize about him. It started out one night when I fell asleep on there bed watching tv. I remember waking up and noticed that my shorts and my underwear were pulled down to my thighs and I turned to look at my stepdad and he was laying there naked and I noticed he had a b****. I got up and went to my room. The next day we acted like nothing happened and I didn’t want to tell my mom. One weekend, I happened to walk toward there room and I saw him standing there naked and I noticed he had some of my panties laying on his bed. I froze and just stood there watching him. I could hear him talking dirty saying my name. When I went back to my room I layed in bed thinking and for some reason i felt good, I felt wanted. A few days passed by and I remember he got home really late and I knew he was drunk. After a few minutes I heard him walk into my room and I pretended to be asleep. I felt how he pulled off my blanket slowly. At first he was just rubbing his hand on my butt. I then felt how he was pulling down my pjs and my underwear trying not to wake me up. I thought he was just going to pull them down like last time but I felt my underwear by my ankle and then I didn’t feel them. He took them off. I could hear him sniffing them talking dirty again saying my name. I peeked with one eye and I saw him completely naked taking off his boxers. I felt as he got on my bed and instantly felt how hard his p**** was because he put it on my butt. He never realized I was awake. When he grabbed his p**** I felt him rubbing it back and forth between my legs. I felt so h****, I could feel how wet I was. He kept rubbing my p**** with his p**** and I didn’t know what to do, I was about to have an o*****. I couldn’t resist it, then I felt half of his p**** go inside and I instantly came and let out a moan. He froze but I kept acting asleep. I started feeling how he was slowly moving inside me. I could tell he was only putting in half of his p****. I could feel how hard he was inside me, I could feel his veins and his tip was so swollen it was rubbing me all inside. He kept rubbing my c*** and I tried so hard not to moan. Suddenly I felt him going all the way inside. I realized he was recording with his phone the way he was going in and out so I started letting out low moans. I heard him moaning saying he was going to c**, he pulled it out and put it between my ass cheeks. He was stroking himself between my cheeks and when he was about to finish he let out this hot moan saying baby I’m cuming. He exploded all over my ass, I felt the way it dripped down my legs. After that night he Still keeps going in my room And I do let him F*** me. But I’ve told him we need to stop already. My mom knows what’s going on already. The last time We did it my mom was away for work but she never mentioned she was going to head home. My stepdad came in my room around 3 in the morning and we dry humped until we wer ready. We ended up taking off our clothes and he went down on me and then was licking my b****, I got so h**** I bent over on my bed and after he put on his condom he started. He was doing it hard and I was moaning so loud. My mom says she was outside and tried looking through the window because she heard me moaning and she heard me tell her husband that I was c****** and she heard him telling me that he was c****** too. When she walked in the house she saw my stepdad by my room in his boxers and me completely naked. We kept denying it but she heard us.


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  • Since your mom came to know about it, did you/he proceeded further?

  • I hope she dumped him

  • Go die Pedo die die

  • That is sexy as h***

  • Thats sick

  • Drop dead you old sick F*U*C*K pedo Just hang you self

  • That’s excessive

  • No it's not at all. Once a PEDO always PEDO! There is no other cure for them none. Why waste tax payers money on locking them up for life. When you know if they get out they will repeat their crime and there will be another victim. Nope kill them the first time and they will have no other crimes.

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