Massage part 2

1st to answer some questions from part for age....well, she had on cartoon panties, and a Disney pullover nightshirt.....bald p****, and just nipples....her name is Dee...long dark hair...
so, she lived close, mom was a druggy, so she stayed with us quite a the night after the “massage” incident, we are all watching a movie in our king waterbed....of course all i could think about was last night.....but nothing was was getting late, Dee was asleep....when wife said to me....” lick me”...i looked at Dee, but she was i slid down, pulled wifes panty down....and started licking and playing....i was lost in the fun, and thoughts of the night before....i glanced up, Dee was wide awake, head on my wifes chest, staring at me...with a little smile....and my wife was smiling at me, and playing with Dees hair....i didnt miss a beat....Dee started to slide down closer, her big green eyes fixed on my licking.....she had her hand resting just below wifes belly button, rubbing in a circle......this is when i got bold.......i slid her hand down right on my wifes spot.....and kept licking, wifes p****, and Dees wife was sooooo wet, it was everywhere, and Dees fingers were right close...wife was moaning a little, and as i looked up, she had Dees nightshirt up over her butt, and was rubbing those soft little buns, and along her inner this kneeling on my knees, my d*** hanging out of shorts....rock solid, pre c** dripping...Dee went from a laying position, to a kneeling she propped herself up, i watched 2 of her fingers enter my wife! i look up, wife has her hand cupping those cartoon panties....looked backed down, her 2 fingers still just inside my wife...and i arched up a bit, and came all over my wifes leg, and the bed...with Dee staring right at that!........thats 2 nights in a row, that i came simply by what i saw....i was never touched........
that was not the end of the night......



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  • Another evil peado

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