Submissive Slave Woman

I am a 33 y.o. woman. When it comes to achievement or success my rocket never did take off. Kind of a quiet loner. No romance until I met the man I serve. He led me down the path of submission and it actually made me feel empowered in my femininity and sexuality. Each day brings more confidence and more love from this man and I am so happy to have found my place. To be truly free you must be truly a submissive slave. The rewards are astounding.

Sexual technique and frequency have turned me into someone I never thought I could be! My favorite times are when he simply takes me and does what he wants. I love feeling the crush of his weight as he pins me down and vigorously pumps his love into me. I also love swallowing his c** and think of it like food which metabolizes and becomes part of my blood and muscle. When he asks what I might like in the bedroom I always say, "Feed me Master." I just like to be on the submissive end of this relationship and feel so loved, respected and appreciated. I love my life and don't have any worries about what others think.

Feb 21, 2020

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  • Those who don't "get it" never will but I understand. We are all built a little differently and think we have to follow certain norms in our private lives. I think submissive love is much more powerful, especially when it requires so much trust between two people in such an intense relationship. I am proud to be my man's slave girl and feel such deep things that other women never have. It's been nearly 9 years. I know I am free to leave if I wanted to. I have never wanted to. It is such a higher level to exist at. I am fully fulfilled.

  • I had a sub gf for a year. She would do whatever I asked but I made one huge mistake. I had an argument with her kids. She dumped me. Prior to that though, I had used her. I loved her. I would whip her with a chord. It was insanely painful for her. She'd even asked if we could buy a gag for her to bite on while I whipped her. I'd lace her tightly in a corset and she could hardly breathe. I'd lie on top and f*** her while me weight crushed her lungs. I so wish I'd never p***** her off.

  • Thank you atleast one woman realized that they r s** toys born for enjoyment

  • There's a lot of wisdom in what she says, even though a little social criticism might come her way from others who are less happy. Finding happiness, closeness, emotional security and love comes in a variety of ways. Good for you girl and thanks for sharing your happiness.

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