My Girlfriend

I love my girlfriend and we hve the most amazing s** ever!! I am kind of submissive.... and she loves to take control of me and ride me until she screams! She teases me and mekes until i'm begging her to have her way with me, I'm really ticklish and she exploits that alot, i scream like a little girl and she lovingly makes fun of me for it.
I do love her sooo much!! She is my whole world

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  • Who would stoop so low? and are they alien joker batman lips ? I think you need a attitude adjuster to be normal. the 3rd one looks better on her to hide her bulging stomach but overall I wouldn't pay out that sort of money for a silly wedding dress when other things are more important like your health etc. and none of the dresses are that great to be honest, I have cheaper dresses look better. to say "its not your problem" and he likes her being a bully bossy weirdo, then he is as much the fool as her. she is not attractive at all with the fake lips , its really off putting and the green dress is gross on her and he is creepy and they are both idiots. I don't think she is from russia, she looks completely italian trash.

  • is your name tim by any chance? lol

  • LOL @ the comment above.

    on another note. i wish i had your s** life. sigh.

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